How to Choose Your Next Business Investment



With savings offering next to no benefit when it comes to interest rates, many shrewd investors are looking at other ways to inflate their finances. However, like with any investment, it is important to discover whether the risk is worth the reward. For this reason, we are offering an informative guide to some investment ideas that could potentially provide a significant ROI.


Property has always been a wise investment. While housing prices in America reached an all-time high back in 2006, the crash unfortunately impacted the global financial system. While steps have been taken to dramatically improve the American mortgage market, the nation’s housing continues to pose a threat to the world economy. While the average property prices have recovered the losses from the recession, they continue to be 20% below the peak 2006 period when adjusted for inflation.

So, while property is a wise investment, the market has yet to make a full recovery. However, that is not to say that purchasing property is not a smart investment because it can provide a fantastic ROI when the market is right. You simply need to find a great property in an upcoming area.


Pay close attention to when the interest rates drop because this could present the perfect opportunity to invest in gold. While you will probably not receive an immediate return on your investment, it can often make financial sense to buy gold at a reduced price before selling it at a higher price once the interest rates rise. So, keep your eyes on any market fluctuations to identify the perfect time to sell any gold.

A Timeless Timepiece

A timeless watch is the perfect amalgamation of style, sophistication, reliability and practicality. Choose carefully, and a buyer could enjoy the timepiece for decades to come, which could later serve as a treasured family heirloom that is passed down through generations.

There are many wristwatch brands a buyer can select that are the personification of dependability, elegance and functionality. From Rolex and Patek Philippe to Audemars Piguet, these are just some watches a person can depend on for exceptional style, comfort and class.

If chosen well, a luxury watch can be a very worthy investment, because it is possible to double, triple or quadruple a buyer’s money in the future, but there is no guarantee. However, a watch is made to be experienced, which is why an owner should never leave it sitting in a drawer to accumulate money. Crafted by the talented hands of the watchmaker, a beautiful timepiece must be worn with pride and, if they are lucky, it could turn out to be a smart investment.


It takes a brave investor to enter the tempestuous stock market. One minute your shares are up, and the next day your money could be gone forever. While there is always a potential you could risk your savings in the stock market, you could earn a 3-6% income with the right investment – but just be aware you could lose it all should the economy decline. However, you could have a considerable amount to gain in the right market.

Individual Retail Bonds

Have you heard of individual retail bonds? If you haven’t, they could be your next big investment. Many large organizations, in addition to smaller companies, are now providing investors with individual retail bonds.

You can buy a retail bond through a broker, and they could potentially pay out more than 5%. If you make the decision to sell the bonds, there is a chance you will receive less than the capital you paid. Don’t forget, if a company collapses, you might lose the investment.

It is therefore important to never put your money into stocks if your goal is to withdraw them within two years or less. We therefore recommend investing in stock funds for a minimum of five years. Many people are often afraid of the stock market initially, but it can prove to be a great investment. So, don’t allow your fears to stand in the way of your finances.

There is a multitude of investment options out there, from timeless watches and gold to shares and property – and who is to say you need to be limited to just one investment? Whether you want to brave the stock market or have a little fun with premium bonds, it is important you make an informed decision to find the right investment to complement your savings, budget and ROI goals.



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