Adam Masser

Adam L. Masser is a business lawyer specializing in Private Equity and M&A transactions with a background in network infrastructure and software development. He is passionate about technology and its ability to enable creative destruction to generate new business opportunities.

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Advice - Let me guess: You have an idea for a startup. It's an awesome plan for a lightweight, agile SaaS killer app that could scale to 1 million users in 6 months. Or maybe it's some fancy new spring-loaded, arduino-infused wearable that'll...
Education - Education is crucially important as a tool to prepare workforces, for personal development and for self-fulfillment. In economic terms, it represents a huge market in two dimensions: 1) in the US and around the world, many people are...
Advice - Think contracts and code live in separate universes? Think again. They're more similar than you think. In fact, drafting a contract is a lot like writing code. Here’s why: 1. Each and every word, sentence and paragraph is...