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nyc tech week in review.002
#NYCTech - Seed, seed, seed edition... With so much going on in the city’s thriving ecosystem, it is easy to miss some of the happenings in the space.  We keep you abreast of a few of things that you may have missed in NYC Tech this week...
Screenshot 2014-10-30 00.29.25
Venture Capital - Founders Fund Partner Peter Thiel discusses the shift in venture capitalist behavior.
Screenshot 2014-10-28 23.58.07
Techs and the City - Marc Andreessen offers his thoughts on what needs to be done to make the technology industry more inclusive of women at the WSJD Live...
#NYCTech - We all know that there’s just never enough time in a day to get everything done. Or there are those little tasks that we’re just better off outsourcing. In the Age of the Sharing Economy, Job-Runners is just the ticket. It’s...
#NYCTech - Bowery has come up with a turnkey development environment that allows you to start coding without installing or configuring software. And it can be installed in 30 seconds flat. No more bloated VMs, staging servers, or local...
Screenshot 2014-10-28 23.53.08
Fashion - Will.i.am says he's starting with fashion first when it comes to designing his latest wearable tech, the Puls.
Screenshot 2014-10-29 00.05.32
Videos - Marc Andreessen discusses his vision of the technology world's future. Video not showing up? Click here
Screenshot 2014-10-28 23.50.50
AlleyTalk - New York Mayor Bill de Blasio had lunch at The Meatball Shop in Manhattan, four days after Dr. Craig Spencer ate there. Spencer was diagnosed with Ebola on Thursday.
Screenshot 2014-10-29 00.00.42
Op-ED - Marc Andreessen discusses how the future of venture capital valuations will be affected as technology permeates more industries. Video not...
#NYCTech - You walk into a brick-and-mortar and what do you see? Merchandise displayed. And why not? It does help to increase sales, after all. So why doesn’t the Internet, the biggest visual display platform going, have a digital...
20 People in IoT in NYC You Need To Know About fb
#NYCTech - This is New York, where it’s all about connections, and it’s starting to show: New York is becoming a center for connected devices, which has fallen into a category that’s currently being referred to as the Internet of...
#NYCTech - Greenhopping is making it easier. It’s an app that makes finding juice bar and restaurants that serve natural, organic, farm-to-table ingredients in New York City, Jersey City, Hoboken, The Hamptons, Long Island, Los Angeles, Las...
#NYCTech - Orchard Platform is an investment and analytics platform that has quickly become the place where institutional investors and loan originators connect and transact. Orchard helps those investors assess loan performance data and...
Screenshot 2014-10-26 20.01.30
Strategic - Companies are experimenting by paying users’ data cost or offer bonus data when people visit their websites. Video not showing up? Click here
nyc tech week in review.002
#NYCTech - With so much going on in the city’s thriving ecosystem, it is easy to miss some of the happenings in the space.  We keep you abreast of a few of things that you may have missed in NYC Tech this week including the fundings, exits,...
Screenshot 2014-10-23 22.01.49
Cool Tech - If you’ve $337,000 to spend on a car, and you’ve been debating between a racecar and a bespoke luxury coupe, save yourself the anguish and get yourself the Bentley Continental GT3-R. Here's an inside look.  We had a good week...

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