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Cool Tech - The Array of Things project in Chicago is installing hundreds of sensors across the city, in hopes of providing a new breed of data-fueled urban planning.
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#NYCTech - When most people think of wearables, they think Google Glass, but there’s a lot more to Wearable Tech than people running around with devices on their heads that make them look like… explorers. New York City is one of the...
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Big Data - New academic projects aim to bring big data to the public sphere by deploying vast sensor networks in cities. Video not showing up? Click here
#NYCTech - The team consists of cofounders Jeremy Levy and Andrew Weinreich and Indicative is their third startup together. Indicative is a web and mobile analytics platform for making decisions – no coding required. After integrating with...
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Advice - Discussing what entrepreneurship is really about, with Stewart Thornhill, University of Michigan, and Sam Zell, Equity Group Investments Chairman.
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Tech - What's News: Google is working on large-scale video displays. EU regulators approve Facebook's purchase of WhatsApp. Texas health officials are...
#NYCTech - Let’s face it: there are some things you just can’t communicate is 140 characters or less. Nor should you try. And now you don’t have to. Lettrs is the first mobile technology for traditional letter writing via...
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AlleyTalk -   President Obama gave remarks at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and told attendees his credit card had recently been declined at a restaurant, forcing the First Lady to pick up the tab.
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Techs and the City - Is egg freezing a perk for young women or a way to keep them working longer? Eggsurance's Brigitte Adams and NAFE's Carol Evans join us to...
#NYCTech - Cooking lessons – chef included. From the comfort of your own kitchen – or the chef’s kitchen, it’s up to you. Spice & Spoon takes cooking classes back to the basics by partnering with talented and passionate local...
#NYCTech - With so much going on in the city’s thriving ecosystem, it is easy to miss some of the happenings in the space.  We keep you abreast of a few of things that you may have missed in NYC Tech this week including the fundings, exits,...
#NYCTech - Seriously. Weloop are smart glasses that allow you to live stream - and share - with just the press of a button and a smart phone. The Weloop hardware itself is a simple pair of glasses with a camera and wifi chip to enable you to...
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FoodTech - With hard cider making a hardcore comeback across the country, craft makers are trying to keep up with demand and apple growers are tapping a juicy new revenue stream.
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Tech - If fitness trackers like Jawbone and Fitbit are not enough for your workout routine, then try PUSH or LEO instead. Eva Tam hits the gym to test out...
#NYCTech - So imagine that you could test what the demand for your product or service would be in another country, in a cost-efficient and technology seamless manner, nearly overnight. Wouldn’t that be powerful? That’s what VerbalizeIt is...
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Cool Tech - Are we ready for phone-controlled electronic deadbolts? Geoffrey A. Fowler and Wilson Rothman discuss the latest crop of “smart” home locks.

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