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Apps - Language barriers be gone! Microsoft has unveiled a preview of Skype’s new software that will translate your speech on video and voice calls on the spot.
#NYCTech - You’ve already done the hard part: meeting all of those people, making contact, inputting them into your database. Now it’s time to put them to work for you, and that’s where nextSociety (xS) comes in, helping professionals to...
Advice - The Center for Management & Organization Effectiveness (CMOE) published an infographic that breaks down the average leader’s day, and here’s the drill. Leaders wake up at around six, exercise, get ready, and commute to work...
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Apps - Lantern, a smartphone app launched in October, aims to provide life coaching and stress help online. Deborah Kan speaks with CEO Alejandro Foung on...
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Cool Tech - In this edition of our Innovators series we take a deeper look at the V360 camera from VSN Mobil. The V.360° camera makes it possible to capture footage every angle simultaneously since it shoots in a complete 360-degree view at...
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Tech - Joanna Stern visits the cardiologist to compare heart-rate readings of new fitness bands to an EKG. Buyer beware! Video not showing up? Click here
Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 2.30.22 AM
Videos - FedEx says Monday was the busiest day in the company's history as they ship 22.6 million packages, double the normal daily volume, as more people are shopping online for the holidays.
Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 2.27.06 AM
Drones - A company in France is experimenting with drone technology to help analyze crops and work out fertilizer ratios from the sky. Video not showing...
Screenshot 2014-12-15 01.33.18
Cool Tech - A rare weather phenomenon at the Grand Canyon had visitors looking out on a sea of thick clouds just below the rim recently. The National Weather Service says it happens about once every several years.
Screenshot 2014-12-15 01.29.21
Cool Tech - The GhostSwimmer is a robotic fish that the U.S. Navy is testing as part of project "Silent NEMO." The robot, modeled after a bluefin tuna, was...
#NYCTech - People waits all year for their holiday or year-end bonuses. All well and good, but Bonusly helps you and your employees celebrate success with instant peer-to-peer bonuses. All year round. And nothing pays off for a company like...
New York Tech News Week in Review.004
#NYCTech - With so much going on in the city’s thriving ecosystem, it is easy to miss some of the happenings in the space.  We keep you abreast of a few of things that you may have missed in NYC Tech this week including the fundings, exits,...
Screenshot 2014-12-11 23.37.50
Apps - Instagram has big news with a nice round number. The Facebook-owned company announced Wednesday it now has 300 million monthly active users, which is more than Twitter. Re/code says the service has grown 50 percent in the past...
Screenshot 2014-12-11 20.43.50
#NYCTech - Amazon is testing plans to offer deliveries within an hour in New York City by using bike messengers. Video not showing up? Click here
#NYCTech - Return Path provides consumer intelligence that keeps brands connected to their audiences by analyzing the world’s largest collection of email data to show senders how to strengthen their customer engagement and protect their brands...
#NYCTech - PeeeM is a chat messaging tool that enables people to connect anonymously by shared interests or locations, rather than the usual ‘who you know’ model, cofounder and CEO Christophe de Courson explained to AlleyWatch. But...

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