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Tech - Buying a car is a simple process. You go to the dealership, pick out the one you want, and the let the haggling over the doormats and the undercoating commence. The cars on this list, though, are a little different.
#NYCTech - Shouldn’t connected devices be easy to connect? That’s the idea behind Astro, a company that’s part of the latest class at the R/GA Connected Device Accelerator powered by Techstars. Astro is creating an automated home system...
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Accelerators - Y Combinator President Sam Altman discusses funding startups. Video not showing up? Click here
#NYCTech - Body Labs is a sophisticated 3D technology that makes it possible to create an avatar of your body so that you can personalize your world cheaply and easily, customizing shirts, shoes, bras, sporting gear, and all sorts of other...
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Tech - The U.S. Army is employing a new type of defense: software that can predict suicide risk among soldiers. That’s because half of the soldier suicides that occurred within one year of a major U.S. Army study belonged to the...
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Cool Tech - An Atlas robot built by Google-owned Boston Dynamics has been programmed to do karate and replace humans in dangerous situations. Video not...
#NYCTech - What does it take to be a Techstar? To participate in the R/GA Accelerator powered by Techstars, you’ve got to be connected, since it’s all about Connected Devices. Like the ones from Diagenetix, a team of researchers at the...
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Cool Tech - Just down the road from Facebook and Google, Dr. Phil Wagner runs a laboratory dedicated to optimizing the performance of some of the world’s top athletes.
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Lifestyle - AWhistle, Tagg and other wearable activity trackers for dogs are inadvertently measuring something else: the owner's personality. Video not...
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Tech - The Justice Department is collecting data from thousands of cellphones through high-tech gear deployed on airplanes that mimics communications towers.
#NYCTech - We often hear that investors shy away from investing in married couples. What about family members who start companies together? New York has its share of fathers and sons, brothers and sisters, brothers and brothers and even cousins...
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Videos - n 1970, scientists at Kinki University in Japan embarked on a quest to breed and grow Pacific Bluefin Tuna in captivity. Nearly a half-century...
#NYCTech - Startup Institute is a career accelerator helping individuals gain the network, mindset, and skills they need to join a startup. The full-time immersive eight-week program will help catapult students into careers in Web Development,...
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Cool Tech - Stanford researcher Mark Denny used models from the animal world to examine just how much faster we might get in the future. Here, he explains his work.
#NYCTech - Siri certainly changed things when it hit the iPhone. Now Kasisto, the spin-off venture of SRI International, the creator of the Siri, are taking on the business sector, taking the virtual personal assistant to the next level by...
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Bitcoin - Buried in the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau's proposed rules on prepaid accounts is language indicating the rules may cover bitcoin...

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