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Arjun Kharpal

Arjun Kharpal is a News Assistant for CNBC in London. He took on the role after interning at the company for three months. Arjun has previously written for the Times, the Telegraph, the Guardian and the Mirror in London.

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Startup Business
Op-ED - The technology start-up market is "overheated", a top venture capitalist (VC) told CNBC, although he stopped short of saying it was in a bubble. "We are seeing the market overheat," Fred Destin, a partner at venture capital firm...
Apps - What do you do if you're a 19-year-old with some time to pass on the weekend? Make a game that becomes an unexpected internet hit, according to one teen tech whiz. Gabriele Cirulli, who just turned 20 after making the game 2048...
Advertising - Gaming app makers face a conundrum over how to monetize their product while keeping gamers plugged in. Advertising that rewards players with in-game virtual gifts could be the answer, according to a new study. Developers of free...
Can Europe Comete With US Startups
AlleyTalk - Europe's top tech officials are warning that the region's reluctance to celebrate its technological achievements could keep the region permanently in the shadow of the US. "Often people in Europe are too negative. Sometimes people...

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