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Elaine Pofeldt

Elaine Pofeldt is an independent journalist who specializes in writing about careers and entrepreneurship.


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Advice - As founder of Going GreenHouse, a cleaning service that uses natural products, April Prothero, 32, faces a challenge common to entrepreneurs. She has to invest in expanding her Chandler, Ariz.-based company, which has 12 full- and...
AlleyTalk - With venture capitalists pumping nearly $10 million into deals in the first quarter, it's hard to imagine VCs becoming obsolete anytime soon. That's the highest total since the second quarter of 2001, according to research firm CB...
Advice - It's easy to get the impression that any entrepreneur who scrawls an idea on the back of an envelope can get funded these days. Angel investments hit $24.8 billion in 2013, up 8.3 percent over 2012. And the number of new ventures...
Advice - At age 27, Joey Healy generates more than $1 million a year in revenue through his New York City eyebrow-styling business—The Joey Healy Eyebrow Studio—as well as a related business that manufactures and sells products such as...
global entrepreneurship
AlleyTalk - Frustrated at the high unemployment rates facing young people in Europe, Kevin Ackermann, 25; Iman Fadaei, 26; and Martin Wetterberg, 22, decided to try to make things better. About 12 months ago they launched Aha Design, a London...

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