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Josh Elwell

Josh has substantial experience both in growing technology startups and in the investment management industry. As a Partner at ValueStream Labs, Josh works with early-stage technology companies in the Financial Services industry. Previously, Josh co-founded BuyWithMe, a rapid-growth ecommerce company, which grew to 200 employees in less than 3 years, raised of $37MM of venture capital, and was acquired by Gilt Groupe. Josh began his career in the finance industry and worked as an investment analyst at several hedge funds.

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Business - FinTech disruption is in its early innings, particularly on the institutional side, but the number of exciting startups is growing. You’ve likely heard of companies like Lending Club in the lending sector, Wealthfront for wealth...
Advice - If you passed the simple test in my last post for determining if you’re ready to start pitching your FinTech product to customers, you now have a new question to answer: what do you want to get from these first users? Few...
#NYCTech - ValueStream Labs launched 16 months ago with the mission to discover and grow the entrepreneurial community in FinTech. At that time, we felt strongly that the Financial Services industry required a different approach from the...
MK_Don't Pitch Your FinTech Product to Customers Before Passing This Simple Test
Advice - A very common question asked by entrepreneurs we meet with is: “When am I ready to start pitching my first customers, the so-called ‘early adopters’?” Even though this is a well-covered topic, there are still many...

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