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Katrina Bishop

Katrina Bishop is a deputy news editor at CNBC.com. Previously, she worked as a business producer at Sky News and a copy editor at Dow Jones Newswires.

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Apps - Thousands of irrelevant messages, inefficient search, full inboxes, missed calendar appointments—we all rely on email at work, but it's hardly ideal. In fact, it could be worse than that, with some arguing it's the cause of...
Business - Disruption in health care seems to have been a long time coming. From month-long wait times to preventable diseases; from inefficient IT systems to complicated medicines, the sector is now innovating, fast. That's according to both...
Advice - Fear of failure is often cited as a reason for not starting a business, and it appears to be well-founded. A quarter of all new businesses in the U.S. fail in their first year, and 44 percent have called it a day by the end of the...
AlleyTalk - The CEO of viral app Yo, which has gained over 1 million users in four days, has denied that the app is a gimmick and outlined plans for its future. Or Arbel, co-founder and chief executive of Yo, which allows users to simply send...

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