Kuty Shalev

Kuty Shalev is the Founder of Clevertech, a New York City-based firm that designs, develops and deploys strategic software for startups.

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Advice - It does not matter whether you built your first computer when you were 6 or you still think Java is just about coffee. At some point, most founders need to hire an app developer. When that day comes, how will you know you are hiring...
Advice - Many companies are choosing to redefine what they refer to as “the office.” While going global might have once made us imagine underpaid workers fielding phone calls, it now brings to mind a Google Hangout, with talented...
Advice - All businesses strive to create value — they just don’t always know where that value lies.A minimum viable product (MVP) is the most basic level at which a product can enter the market. It’s an experiment to determine if the...