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Lisa Nicole Bell

Lisa Nicole Bell is equal parts artist, businesswoman and motivator. Lisa is the Founder and CEO of Inspired Life Media Group where she and her team meld art, social change, and commerce to create economically viable media properties.

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JD_How More Women Can Raise the Capital They Need to Scale
Advice - In the past 5 years, women in business have become a hot topic. There are organizations, publications, events and even brands dedicated to helping this demographic thrive. In general, this is a good thing. The past decade has...
Advice - The word “negotiating” often brings to mind hard-nosed business people in suits, stubbornly bidding over the details of a deal.  It’s assumed that if one person “wins” the war, someone has to lose.  Not so.  Business has...
Work Life Balance signpost
Advice - We’ve all heard the advice about the importance of creating and maintaining work-life balance. Life coaches and time management experts suggest that we shouldn’t bring work home, that we should turn the phone off at dinner and get...

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