Ty Morse

Ty Morse is the CEO of Songwhale, an interactive technology company focusing on enterprise SMS solutions and Direct Response campaigns, both domestic and international. Since the company’s 2007 launch, Ty has grown Songwhale from 2 people to over 100. A two time Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year finalist, Ty has been featured in the NY Times, Wired, NPR, PBS, and Discovery Channel and published in Forbes, the NY Report, and Geek.

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Advice - In business, our goal is to have our product or service reach the broadest target market possible. We want everyone to have access to and want to use our thing. Success is seen as broad adoption across vast swaths of...
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Advice - The more you use technology to your business’s advantage, the more possibilities open up. In our globalized age of handheld devices, work has become dispersed. It’s no longer isolated to a central office or 9-to-5 hours. Personal...