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Apps - Virtual reality isn't just for gaming anymore. VR movies are becoming mainstream with several Hollywood A-list directors jumping on board with a new approach to storytelling.
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Cool Tech -  //Fitbit's new $200 smartwatch competes directly with the $350 Apple Watch Sport. Which one is best for your wrist?
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Gaming - The buzz about virtual reality is all about cool new experiences. But WSJ says the Oculus Rift, the first totally immersive VR system to arrive in living rooms, is also pricey, awkward and...
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mediagraph -  //About 100 million smartphones have been unleashed on America's streets. So why isn't this computing power making us more productive?
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Bitcoin -  //The price of bitcoin isn't the only thing about the virtual currency that is going through the roof.
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Advice -  //Games industry analyst Nicholas Lovell explains why building a successful game like Candy Crush might be harder than you think.
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Business - Iowans will still use scraps of paper to cast the first votes of the 2016 presidential race, but new Microsoft apps will help caucus leaders report results to both Republican and Democratic party headquarters.
#NYCTech - In a provocative post last fall, Caterina Fake called out the coming Age of the Cockroach. A period in which only the toughest, meanest unicorn startups would survive as funding oxygen at the highest high altitudes of start up...
#NYCTech -  The reassessment of the valuation of startup holdings at a number of mutual funds, notably by Fidelity, has caused a fair amount of comment of late. Notably of the "Unicorn sky is falling" variety when it comes to mark-downs. And the...
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Drones - As Google moves closer to commercializing its self-driving cars, the company is fine-tuning its vehicles to make them navigate roads and curbs more smoothly, as if a human were behind the wheel.
Popular -  The concept of apprenticeship isn’t new. In fact, the concept of learning a trade from master craftsmen is quite old (from sushi to stone masonry). What is new is the formal application and position of apprenticeship in...
Popular -  I have been thinking a lot about convertible notes recently. They may be a primary vehicle to fund early stage startups but they are less straightforward than they appear and contain nasty traps for the unwary — both founders and...
Lifestyle -  Happy Birthday to YouTube! Ten years ago this week, site co-founder Jawed Karim uploaded a 19-second video called “Me at the Zoo.” It’s not much to look at —Karim simply shows off a couple elephants at the San Diego Zoo and...
Cheekd Guide to SXSW.002
#NYCTech -  After three consecutive trips to Austin’s SXSW, I’ve gotten the overwhelming week of magic and mayhem down to a science. Knowing that the two biggest stress factors during the conference are knowing how to cure your daily hangover...
chill date
Advice -  How you meet or otherwise hook up with someone in the Online Era might have changed, but one thing hasn’t: finding love isn’t always easy and considering that we use so many different forms of communications, it seems like it’s...
#NYCTech -  It has been a very good year for tech in New York, and we’re talking about across all of the many verticals for which New York is known – and then some. Whether it’s AdTech, Fashion Tech, EdTech, FinTech, or HealthTech; IoT,...