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Lifestyle - // Fans going to Super Bowl 50 on February 7 will experience some of the best technology Silicon Valley firms have to offer.
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Analytics - //IPhones, Tablets and FitBits are examples of technology late adopters are slow to embrace. Charlie Wells joins Lunch Break with Tanya Rivero and discusses reasons why they wait to buy new gadgets and how companies market to them.
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Business - //Iowans will still use scraps of paper to cast the first votes of the 2016 presidential race, but new Microsoft apps will help caucus leaders report results to both Republican and Democratic party headquarters.
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Apps - //Maria LaMagna joins Wendy Bounds on Lunch Break to crunch the numbers on new wireless plans.
Advice - As the old saying goes, “Good artists copy; great artists steal.” For mobile development, that couldn’t be more true. In app development, major advances don’t typically come out of nowhere. More often, small waves of subtle...
Advice - For American consumers, it's hard to avoid the headlines about the intensifying "mobile wallet war" between the tech titans, especially since Apple leaped into the fray with Apple Pay recently. But adoption has been slow,...
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Lifestyle - //Americans are sending fewer old-fashioned text messages, a service that for years was a major cash cow for wireless carriers.
#NYCTech - Simulmedia and the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) presented a power panel to discuss the face-off between television and mobile advertising channels. Simulmedia is the pioneer and market leader in audience-based advertising on...
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IoT -The Internet of Things aims to put every thing, from appliances to light bulbs, on the web. What does the future connected smart home look like?
Advertising - Did you know 97% of text messages are opened and read within minutes by the average user? Did you know that only 16% of people will give an app more than two chances if their first experiences were buggy or disappointing? See, mobile...
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Apps - //Big phone companies have begun selling the vast troves of data they gather about their subscribers' location, travels and interests -- opening up a long-anticipated and powerful tool for marketers but raising new concerns about...
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Industry - //It's not video messages, it's video chat. Glide, a new app, turns your phone into a video walkie talkie. Co-founder and chief technology officer Jonathan Caras joins digits.
#NYCTech - Are you a winner? Not just someone who wins occasionally, but someone who just wants to keep challenging people because you know you are the best? Well now you never have to stop! With Mibi, you are connected worldwide with others who...
Apps - Mobile has not changed the way we sell. You may be thinking that I have gone nuts right about now, since I have a startup that is squarely in the mobile sales tools market. But when it comes to our current iteration of mobile...
Advice - Transcreation: The process of adapting a message from one language to another, while maintaining its intent, style, tone and context.If you’re a mobile app developer or have a business with a mobile application, you’ve likely...
Advice - Even though mobile commerce (m-commerce) is still a niche very much in its infancy, it is a fast growing niche. Consumers now love the thrill and experience of flipping through their Android or iOS apps and making quick purchases on...