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Mobile - Today millions of new smart devices include the most advanced state-of-the-art security standards. Every app and service provider should fully exploit the embedded protections delivered by the latest generation hardware.  In...
Mobile - Smartphones could be obsolete in five years' time, according to consumers polled in a new survey.Swedish network infrastructure firm Ericsson questioned 100,000 people across 40 countries, and one in two smartphone users "think...
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Apps - .Ford CEO Mark Fields talks about how his company is planning to profit from ridesharing as cities become more congested and carsharing increases in popularity.
#NYCTech -  An app that pays you $6 a month to display ads on your smartphone's lock screen is preparing to push into Europe.Startup Slidejoy, fresh off the back of a $1.2 million funding round earlier this year, thinks it has the solution to...
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Cool Tech - The digital revolution has left behind the disabled community. Sesame Enable, the world's first touch-free smartphone, aims to bring smartphone technology to millions who cannot use their hands. Sesame Enable CEO Oded Ben Dov...
#NYCTech - Meeting fellow travelers or hikers can often give a trip an added flare. Whether it’s that guy who is hiking with no shoes or an older globetrotter who gives you his 3 rules of travelling, these tend to be the individuals you...
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Apps - The debate between privacy and national security has never been more heated, with Apple and other tech firms going up against the government. So how are text messages encrypted, and what are the controversial "backdoors" that...
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Apps - Virtual reality isn't just for gaming anymore. VR movies are becoming mainstream with several Hollywood A-list directors jumping on board with a new approach to storytelling.
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Apps -  //What3Words have mapped the world into 57 trillion areas that can pinpoint a destination to a 3-meter by 3-meter square. This text-based alternative to GPS positioning was demonstrated at the 4 Years From Now event at Mobile...
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Cool Tech -  //One of Google parent Alphabet Inc.’s self-driving cars hit a bus while in autonomous mode--possibly the first accident involving one of the cars that was the fault of the computer. There were no injuries in the low-speed...
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Cool Tech -  //A connected umbrella that uses real-time weather data claims it will notify you before it rains. The makers of the device demonstrated it at the 4 Years From Now event at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.
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Cool Tech -  //A new Wi-Fi system called Eero combats dead zones with an armada of little routers.
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Cool Tech -  //Fitbit's new $200 smartwatch competes directly with the $350 Apple Watch Sport. Which one is best for your wrist?
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Advice - It's easy for rush hour commuters to miss a giant Wookiee when their noses are buried in smartphones. We use the test to highlight the pitfalls of texting while walking.
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Apps -  //Tired of running out of data every month and paying your cell carrier even more money? Follow Joanna Stern's simple data diet to save.
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mediagraph -  //About 100 million smartphones have been unleashed on America's streets. So why isn't this computing power making us more productive?