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mediagraph -  Tilt Brush, an app for HTC’s new Vive VR system, lets you create art in 3-D using your hands as brushes.
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Cool Tech -  //A connected umbrella that uses real-time weather data claims it will notify you before it rains. The makers of the device demonstrated it at the 4 Years From Now event at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.
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Cool Tech -  //Fitbit's new $200 smartwatch competes directly with the $350 Apple Watch Sport. Which one is best for your wrist?
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Cool Tech -  //For Americans living with mobility disabilities, getting dressed poses challenges. A new magnetic closure allows dressing with ease. MagnaReady CEO Maura Horton discusses her invention.
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Analytics -  //IPhones, Tablets and FitBits are examples of technology late adopters are slow to embrace. Charlie Wells joins Lunch Break with Tanya Rivero and discusses reasons why they wait to buy new gadgets and how companies market to them.
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Apps -  //Wearable tracker maker Mio Global has a new fitness metric called Personal Activity Intelligence based on your unique heart rate data. Personal tech columnist Geoffrey A. Fowler takes PAI for a workout.
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IoT -  //At CES in Las Vegas, so many everyday devices are joining the Internet of Things. Geoffrey A. Fowler lays ground rules for making connected "smart" gadgets actually useful.
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Cool Tech -  What do you get for the music junkie or the photography nerd? Matthew Lynley discusses some holiday ideas on digits.
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mediagraph - Wearable computers could one day be a vast new source of profits for tech companies. One way to invest in wearable tech now is to look to a company that makes test equipment for chips and gadgets.
#NYCTech -  Wearable technology is growing in popularity and Jastr is showing us why. Their up-and-coming products such as their smart water bottle or their app Finch, is not just valuable for your health provider, but for yourself as well. With...
wearable tech
Business -  Listening to “The Shoe Must Go On” episode (#039) of the Fashion Is Your Business podcast, it was satisfying to hear Dawn Dickson, CEO of Flat Out Of Heels, express her frustration explaining to VCs about why her business is...
Tech -  Since it's $1 billion valuation in May 2012, digital workspace company Evernote has set on a path to tap into mobile and wearable devices.Evernote, which has raised $325 million in 12 rounds from investors such as T. Rowe Price...
Cool Tech -  With Apple’s recent Spring Forward event, it’s no secret Apple Watch is on the menu.The latest Apple product joins Pebble and Samsung’s smartwatches and Google Glass as pairable-wearables to mobile apps. But are smartwatch...
Cool Tech - Owning an Apple Watch is fun but no excuse to be rude. Etiquette expert Thomas Farley offers tips for Apple Watch owners. Video not...
#NYCTech -  In this hyper-connected digital world, we should leverage the projects, practices, products and services around us to live, work and play better. This was the theme of PSFK 2015.From an early morning yoga and dance session with...
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Cool Tech -  Cloud consulting firm Appirio and Blueberry Home Solutions, a plumbing, heat and air-conditioning company, are two very different firms with one thing in common: they have both started using wearables in the workplace.Wearable...