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Cool Tech -  A 2014 file photo shows a building near the San Francisco area following a 6.0-magnitude earthquake. A system is being developed that would give some advanced warning for quakes like this. Here's a look at how it...
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mediagraph -   Amazon's Video Direct service is dialing up the competition against Google with the launch of a new ad-supported, YouTube-like online video posting service.
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IoT -   Hulu is planning a new service which will let subscribers stream feeds of major broadcast and cable-TV channels. It's a move that would make Hulu a new competitor to digital streaming platforms and...
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mediagraph -  Hyperloop One on Wednesday demonstrated the first full-scale propulsion test of a hyperloop system. An approximately 10-foot sled on tracks zipped forward at 116 miles an hour, and crashed into a pile of sand.
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mediagraph -  Twitter barred intelligence agencies from accessing a private company known as Dataminr that routinely mines social media activity for data on potential terror attacks and public unrest.
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mediagraph -  Flip phones and candy-bar phones have a niche with people seeking simplicity, low prices and a way to just unplug. We try out some of the top non-smartphones of today.
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mediagraph - Facebook is defending itself against allegations that its curators manipulated the Trending Topics news feed to exclude politically conservative stories on the social network. Here are four things you need to know about the...
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mediagraph -  In exchange for valuable tax breaks from the city five years ago, tech companies have been flocking to San Francisco's low-income Tenderloin and Mid-Market neighborhoods. As the area improves, will long-time...
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mediagraph -  Sidewalk Labs, a division of Google's parent Alphabet, is working on a proposal to develop new districts of housing, offices and retail that are heavily integrated with technology.
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Apps -  At this year’s Beijing auto show, Chinese companies showed off their ambitions to reshape the auto industry with vehicles that can be controlled by smartphone apps.
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mediagraph -  Scientists have built a camera that simulates how sharks see each other deep down in the ocean, revealing how they glow through biofluorescence.
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mediagraph -  The Singapore government is testing a range of “smart city” technologies in one of the most extensive plans to collect data on daily living ever attempted in a city.
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mediagraph -  Mike Judge and Alec Berg, who produce, write and direct HBO comedy "Silicon Valley," reflect on the delicate task of poking fun at the tech industry’s froth and “bro” culture...
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mediagraph -  Want to try Facebook's new live video features? We have the lowdown on what you should and shouldn't do when your life is on the air.
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mediagraph -  Consumers in Asia are turning to shopping apps that allow users to easily buy and sell goods via their smartphones.
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mediagraph -  Twitter has been aggressively releasing new features to improve the service, but do they address the biggest complaints?