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Techs and the City - Marc Andreessen offers his thoughts on what needs to be done to make the technology industry more inclusive of women at the WSJD Live...
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Fashion - Will.i.am says he's starting with fashion first when it comes to designing his latest wearable tech, the Puls.
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Videos - Marc Andreessen discusses his vision of the technology world's future. Video not showing up? Click here
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AlleyTalk - New York Mayor Bill de Blasio had lunch at The Meatball Shop in Manhattan, four days after Dr. Craig Spencer ate there. Spencer was diagnosed with Ebola on Thursday.
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Op-ED - Marc Andreessen discusses how the future of venture capital valuations will be affected as technology permeates more industries. Video not...
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Videos - Alan Eustace jumped from over 135,000 feet on Friday, setting a fresh world altitude record from a high-altitude balloon. He remained in free fall...
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Strategic - Companies are experimenting by paying users’ data cost or offer bonus data when people visit their websites. Video not showing up? Click here
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Cool Tech - If you’ve $337,000 to spend on a car, and you’ve been debating between a racecar and a bespoke luxury coupe, save yourself the anguish and get yourself the Bentley Continental GT3-R. Here's an inside look.  We had a good week...
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Lifestyle - Researchers find that the optimal number of bites a day for weight loss and health is 100 bites a day, and new products will soon help people chew...
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Advice - This video introduced the idea of customer development and lean startups. An idea and a product aren’t enough, if you want to end up with a successful product: you also have to build a customer base, so that you can sell the product...
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AlleyTalk - New York City's bad old days are here again in a Halloween haunted house. Many of the features of "Nightmare: New York" harken back to the 1970s when subways were awash in graffiti and crime, gun-wielding wielding punks roamed the...
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Cool Tech - The world of 3D virtual reality is now cheaper with Altergaze, a 3D printed headset which connects to smartphones. Jenny Marc tries one on. Video...
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Cool Tech - The Array of Things project in Chicago is installing hundreds of sensors across the city, in hopes of providing a new breed of data-fueled urban planning.
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Big Data - New academic projects aim to bring big data to the public sphere by deploying vast sensor networks in cities. Video not showing up? Click here
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Advice - Discussing what entrepreneurship is really about, with Stewart Thornhill, University of Michigan, and Sam Zell, Equity Group Investments Chairman.
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Tech - What's News: Google is working on large-scale video displays. EU regulators approve Facebook's purchase of WhatsApp. Texas health officials are...

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