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mediagraph -  A model of a "Transit Elevated Bus" that will travel above China's road traffic had its debut at the Beijing International High-Tech Expo.
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FoodTech -  Researchers at Tufts University have developed a solution made from silk that can coat produce and keep it fresh for a week without the need for a refrigerator.
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mediagraph -  A team of international scientists has found that the water on Mars isn't just liquid, it's boiling.
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Healthcare -  Smartphone-connected trash cans, water bottles, even egg trays: It's hard to tell if these products are real or jokes.Joanna Stern takes a look at the trend of making everything "smarter."
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Gaming -  Videogaming as a spectator sport is drawing the attention of mainstream advertisers as they try to capitalize on the spending power of millions of gamers worldwide.
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IoT -  A California federal appeals court ruling could have an impact on smart-gun technology, such as that developed by Armatix, and broad implications for how quickly President Barack Obama’s recent calls for more...
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Gaming -  Scientists are recruiting videogamers to help crowdsource answers to research issues. The videogames -- designed to emulate popular games -- ask players to solve puzzles and complete other tasks to help sort...
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mediagraph -  Franky Zapata, a French jet ski champion, has set a new Guinness World Record for the farthest hoverboard flight ever recorded. Zapata travelled 7,388 feet through the air in Sausset-les-Pins in the south of...
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mediagraph -  Folding laundry is one of the most frustrating household tasks. Now, new inventions and services are popping up to fold people’s clothing just so.
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mediagraph -   Roughly one in five employers has blocked its employees from using Facebook on their work computers, but efforts to ban social media may be futile.
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Cool Tech -  Drone racing has quickly turned into an international spectator sport with live broadcasts and six-figure cash prizes.
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Cool Tech -  A 2014 file photo shows a building near the San Francisco area following a 6.0-magnitude earthquake. A system is being developed that would give some advanced warning for quakes like this. Here's a look at how it...
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mediagraph -   Amazon's Video Direct service is dialing up the competition against Google with the launch of a new ad-supported, YouTube-like online video posting service.
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IoT -   Hulu is planning a new service which will let subscribers stream feeds of major broadcast and cable-TV channels. It's a move that would make Hulu a new competitor to digital streaming platforms and...
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mediagraph -  Hyperloop One on Wednesday demonstrated the first full-scale propulsion test of a hyperloop system. An approximately 10-foot sled on tracks zipped forward at 116 miles an hour, and crashed into a pile of sand.
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mediagraph -  Twitter barred intelligence agencies from accessing a private company known as Dataminr that routinely mines social media activity for data on potential terror attacks and public unrest.