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Apps - Lantern, a smartphone app launched in October, aims to provide life coaching and stress help online. Deborah Kan speaks with CEO Alejandro Foung on...
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Cool Tech - In this edition of our Innovators series we take a deeper look at the V360 camera from VSN Mobil. The V.360° camera makes it possible to capture footage every angle simultaneously since it shoots in a complete 360-degree view at...
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Tech - Joanna Stern visits the cardiologist to compare heart-rate readings of new fitness bands to an EKG. Buyer beware! Video not showing up? Click here
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Videos - FedEx says Monday was the busiest day in the company's history as they ship 22.6 million packages, double the normal daily volume, as more people are shopping online for the holidays.
Advice - How often do you hear that it’s all about the team? Your team is an essential aspect of your startup. You don’t want to have the wrong people on your team. So how do you get the right people? What do you do if you end up with the...
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Apps - Instagram has big news with a nice round number. The Facebook-owned company announced Wednesday it now has 300 million monthly active users, which is more than Twitter. Re/code says the service has grown 50 percent in the past...
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#NYCTech - Amazon is testing plans to offer deliveries within an hour in New York City by using bike messengers. Video not showing up? Click here
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#NYCTech - A new service from password manager Dashlane can change a bunch of your passwords all at once. Personal Tech columnist Geoffrey Fowler visits the dentist’s office to show what flossing and changing passwords have in common.
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Tech - Google wants to include everyone who uses its products — that means kids, too. According to a report in USA Today, Google is aiming redesigned versions of several products, including its search and video offerings, for the...
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Tech - Christmas is going digital at the White House this year. The holiday decorations being unveiled by first lady Michelle Obama include 3-D printed ornaments designed by students, tinkerers, engineers and artists from around the country.
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IoT - Welcome to the age of the digitally connected baby. New devices and wearables like the MonBaby and the Mimo allow you to track baby’s breathing, temperature and heart rate all from your phone.
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Business - Berg co-founder and president Niven Narain joins Simon Constable on digits and discusses how artificial intelligence can play a role in both the...
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Cool Tech - Lowe's is testing whether new robots on wheels can improve its customer service, like helping a shopper find a match for something as simple as a nail.
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Op-ED - Through its myriad media mechanisms, Google has access to a worrying amount of our data - but even more than that, it has an unprecedented number of our thoughts, art and ideas at its fingertips. Is Google stealing our...
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Cool Tech - A team of researchers at MIT have created a 70-pound cheetah robot that can run and jump on its own power. Developers hope the mechanics behind the battery-powered animal will help in the creation of new prosthetics and other...
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Apps - Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Chairman and CEO Jeff Stibel explains on digits how apps are killing the Web, and why that may not be a bad...

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