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Management - //For years after the dot-com bust, many stock investors wanted to see a company turn a profit before buying shares. The hype surrounding Twitter's IPO shows that is no longer the case.
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Design - Design isn’t just an abstract sketch anymore; it’s a concrete method.According to Eric Ries, author of The Lean Startup, “A startup is a human institution designed to create something new under conditions of extreme...
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Industry - //It's not video messages, it's video chat. Glide, a new app, turns your phone into a video walkie talkie. Co-founder and chief technology officer Jonathan Caras joins digits.
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Apps -Doctors are prescribing mobile apps developed for patients with specific health issues and challenges.
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Apps - //Companies are always looking to hire the right candidate, however the search for new employees doesn't always yield results. Can technology change all that...
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Advice - Expanding your business, or “scaling up,” is an exciting prospect: the thought of enlarging your footprint, generating more capital and receiving positive investor attention is motivating and thrilling. But when you finally reach...
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Finance - // Given London's role as a global financial center, why don't more of the capital's startups work with the huge financial sector right on their doorstep? Eric van der Kleij, head of technology accelerator Level39,...
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mediagraph - //Is the U.S. engaged in a cyber war with China? In an excerpt from the Big Interview, Army Vice Chief of Staff John Campbell outlines the cybersecurity threat and the steps needed to give the U.S. an advantage.
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Bitcoin - //Bitcoin startups are beginning to raise sizable investment capital even as industry leaders warn that hackers are abusing the Internet virtual currency for profit.
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mediagraph - //CEO of HBO Richard Plepler says he is happy to grow his business into homes regardless of whether or not they subscribe to cable.
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mediagraph - //XPRIZE Chairman and CEO Peter Diamandis says that in the future technology will reduce the amount of commuters as more people work from home with a virtual workforce.
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Bitcoin -CEO of 21 Inc. Balaji Srinivasan speaks with Rolfe Winkler about the future of bitcoin.
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Drones -As Google moves closer to commercializing its self-driving cars, the company is fine-tuning its vehicles to make them navigate roads and curbs more smoothly, as if a human were behind the wheel.
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Apps -A day after announcing Jack Dorsey as its CEO, the social network unveiled a new product called Moments. Here are five things to know about Moments.
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Apps - //It’s easier to resist the urge to check your phone during driving if you use some of these apps.
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Apps - //New research from Common Sense Media shows that mobile media usage among young children has tripled in two years.