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Techs and the City - Is egg freezing a perk for young women or a way to keep them working longer? Eggsurance's Brigitte Adams and NAFE's Carol Evans join us to...
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FoodTech - With hard cider making a hardcore comeback across the country, craft makers are trying to keep up with demand and apple growers are tapping a juicy new revenue stream.
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Tech - If fitness trackers like Jawbone and Fitbit are not enough for your workout routine, then try PUSH or LEO instead. Eva Tam hits the gym to test out...
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Apps - Personal finance apps are trying to inject some fun into paying bills. Charlie Wells breaks down three apps to have in your e-wallet. Video not...
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#NYCTech - A large-scale photograph taken by Jeff Chien-Hsing Liao of Times Square is comprised of hundreds of images that were compressed and then layered...
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Business - Augmented reality brings virtual monsters and heroes to life on city streets, even your own backyard. But A-R is moving beyond games as businesses are finding practical uses to solve real problems.
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Cool Tech - iRobot's Tim Trainer joins digits to explain how the company's new Android-based multi-robot tablet controller improves ease of use for defense forces and first responders.
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Cool Tech - A NASA-backed study is exploring an innovative way to bring humans to Mars: Putting the spaceship crew in a deep sleep while they travel to the Red...
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AlleyTalk - One of the world's largest floating cranes arrived at New York's Tappan Zee Bridge construction site on Monday. It's being used to build a $3.9 billion bridge between Rockland and Westchester counties and is slated to open in 2018
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Tech - Stanford University student Andrew Aude joins us to explain how he was able to obtain code thought to be part of a Facebook online payment tool...
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Healthcare - Facebook is weighing the creation of health apps as part of an initiative that could also include online support communities. Video not showing...
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#NYCTech - Angel investor and book author David S. Rose offers his tips for getting funding for a new business venture.
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Tech - The Pew Research Center asked 1,900 technology experts if robots will help or hurt the workforce over the next 10 years. Video not showing...
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Cool Tech - Breva's complicated mechanical watches that aim to predict the weather are catching collectors' attention. CEO Vincent Dupontreué explains how they...

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