A New York VC Spotlight: Adam Rothenberg



A New York VC Spotlight: Adam Rothenberg

A New York native, Adam Rothenberg is one of two successful founders (and partners) of BoxGroup, a New York City based investment fund with a usual investment range of $50,000 to $250,000. According to their website, BoxGroup invests in talented entrepreneurs “building disruptive technology companies and with visions to create the next generation of category defining businesses.”

Prior to his work at BoxGroup, Adam was the Director of TechStars and even before that, he spent four years at an equity hedge fund in New York City where he invested in the public markets.

Adam received his B.S. in Finance from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in 2007.

VC Firm:

Founder and Partner at BoxGroup (Founded in 2009)

Sector Focus:

Venture Capital, Technology Platforms, E-Commerce

Notable Investments:

Expertise Areas:

Venture Capital, Technology, Business Services, Consumer Internet, E-Commerce, Financial Services, Marketplaces, Social Media Platforms

Blogs, Twitter & Websites:

Company Website

Memorable Quotes:

On working with startups:

“When I was working in finance, we were dealing with mature companies. Now I get a chance to interact with early stage teams, where my advice can make a big difference. I’m excited to see how that plays out.”

On starting a company:

“If you know you want to be an entrepreneur, then coming out of school and joining a larger company and getting that stamp of approval on your resume is an awesome way to do it, Make mistakes at that big company and learn. Building a network is tremendous. Building a couple of relationships makes all the difference.”

On early stage investing:

“The stats say that 70 percent of companies are going to fail – even more for early stage companies,” said Adam Rothenberg. “So we know that, especially in early stage investing, we’re actually investing in the people. If the company fails but we felt they built a great team or a great product or worked their hardest, then we’re happy to back them again.”

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