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Chasing Unicorns #2 STD’s & Mastering Time Edition


Welcome to the second edition of Chasing Unicorns. Last week was the special love edition and the first of many Chasing Unicorn features where I will be busting out my deal flow for all to see.

In this post, I will showcase 3 startups that are tackling problems like STDs and rental management. There’s even a startup that can help you become a master of time!

Once again every startup is rated on a scale of 1-3 (think Michelin Stars for restaurants).



myLab is a subscription service that sends you a home kit to test for STDs


Imagine you are one of the millions of libidinal adults out there trying to get lucky. After kicking back a few shots at the bar, you chat up the next girl you see and in your drunken stupor, convince her to go back home with you.

The problem is, you don’t know anything about her genitals and where they’ve been – she could be a floosy for all you know!

The fact is, most sexually active adults don’t often get tested because the process is time consuming, expensive and slightly embarrassing.

Problem Solved

A testing kit for STDs that you can use with ease in the comfort of your own home.

Secret Sauce

Incredible branding opportunity. I can see myLab becoming a funny, tongue-in-cheek brand on the same level as Trojan and Lifestyle condoms.

myLab can create their own app that allows impassioned men and women to quickly screen their one night stand for STDs. This can definitely make myLab a household name.


Might have to deal with the wrath of the FDA like 23andMe.

myLab Angel List







Limitless is a Chrome plugin that helps you master time and to be more productive


Whether you are Facebooking, Tweeting, Snapchatting, sexting or trying to conquer Flappy Bird, digital distractions cause millions of hours of lost productivity.

Problem Solved

Limitless is looking to be a modern digital tool to keep you from twiddling your thumbs and use your time more wisely.

Secret Sauce

Slick interface. Looks easy to use on a daily basis. Monetization could come in the form of gamification and offering sponsored rewards for achieving your time related goals.

My Remarkable Idea

Create an “Anti-Boredom” or “Procrastination Killer” feature that users can use to be productive in times when there is literally nothing for them to do. For example, it can link them to useful things like TED talks or ask them to do a random act of kindness.


Needs better branding and to establish its identity. User engagement is important too – don’t want the software to come off as nagging.

Limitless Angel List






Airenvy is a short-term rental management service that is trying to make property management fun


If you are like most homeowners, you’ve probably heard about this Airbnb thingy that can turn your home into a cash cow. The thing is, you can’t even prevent your own home from going into complete squalor much less rent it out and manage it.

Problem Solved

Airenvy acts as your property manager and hotel maid/concierge. They manage check ins/outs, clean and even provide new sheets/towels to prevent your house from turning into a crack den.

My Remarkable Idea

It’s all about service and Airenvy can provide super awesome services that go well beyond the call of duty.

Partner up with Uber or Lyft to provide transportation for your guests. Provide free tourist guides or restaurant recommendations. Airenvy can become a concierge for a market that is devoid of any extra amenities.


Without strong branding, the service might not be defensible and competitors could swoop in. I also worry about the logistics of such a business – for example, how will the service scale when you expand to more cities and who will you hire to do all the cleaning?







Well, there you have it boys and girls! I hope you enjoyed the 2nd edition of Chasing Unicorns.

Reprinted by permission.


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About the author: Jay Deng

Jay Deng is an angel investor and venture capitalist. He invested in two companies whose exits topped $800 million. He is also the CEO and founder of Diva For Less.

  • http://www.mylabbox.com Ursula Hessenflow

    Thanks for the write up on myLAB, Jay! We have taken the crack down on 23andme very seriously and all of our tests and processes meet FDA and CLIA standards. ~ Ursula, CEO + President, Co-founder, myLAB

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