These Are the New York Companies that Killed It at SXSW

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2_1 sec

1 Second Everyday: An app that records one second every day of your life to help capture memories.

As media distribution continues to move from the written word to the moving image, 1 Second Everyday is a video solution to creating blog content. It differentiates itself from other life-logging apps by allowing users to capture their favorite moment of each day and creating their own sentiment, as opposed to focusing on tracking location or fitness routines. As a brand marketer myself, I see this app having great potential as a brand engagement tool. I’m sure a mom blogger or two will pick this app up along the way as well.

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About the author: Marley Kaplan

Marley Kaplan is Founder of mkThinkTank, a consulting agency that advises brands on navigating the emerging technology/startup landscape. She currently lives in NYC, recently hailing back from London where she worked for several years in digital marketing. She is driven by bridging innovation in the tech sector with the marketing landscape.

  • http://canary.is Andrew Kippen

    Marley – thanks so much for the shout-out. The weather wasn’t quite as cooperative as we would have liked, but we made the most of it. Big thanks to NYTech Meetup for having us present at their event.

    – Andrew from Canary

  • gace123

    Good to see the shout out for MongoDB. Big fan and been involved with it for the last few years.

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