TechCrunch Disrupt Announced Their Battlefield Winner: But Was It a Level Playing Field?

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Mimi is an app that deals with hearing loss, turning your smart phone into a hearing test – and something of a hearing aid. The app also helps you fine tune your hearing aid and fact for you: 75% of people who suffer from hearing loss are under 65, including Wilson, who pays a lot of attention to this space. “It’s a big market,” he agreed. “But it’s crowded.”


Last up was Vurb, a web and mobile contextual search engine that collects all the relevant information on one page, allowing you to search, browse, and share in one place. “I’ve been focused on this problem for years,” said Wilson. “This problem is a bitch, you won’t solve it, and it will kill you.”

Wilson may be right, but if it proves fatal at all, it’ll be a slow death, because this year’s Battlefield winner is… Vurb and their cadre of early stage investor that reads like a Who’s Who of Silicon Valley.

Honorable mention goes to Isi Technologies, who came in second, and we have a sneaking suspicion that they may have gotten Wilson’s vote.

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