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Improving your quality of life doesn’t require any drastic changes to your daily routine. By incorporating some small additions to your day to day schedule can make a difference in how you feel, how other’s perceive you, as well as your mental well-being. With this guide, start enriching your mind by reading more often with the Samsung Nook Tab 4, improving your body’s health with daily exercise, and start feeling more energized as you go about your day by getting a better night’s sleep.

Set Aside Time for Daily Exercise

Mounting an intense exercise regimen isn’t realistic for someone who isn’t used to regular fitness training. By starting out with a small daily exercise, you can eventually build up to more intensive practices and gradually build your strength and stamina. Start with something easy and convenient to you existing routine. If there’s a park or open space near your workplace, you can start taking a 45 minute walk there after work. If you need an extra boost of energy in the morning, try doing a set of ten pushups when you get out of bed to get things go and wake yourself up.

Aside from the basic benefits of maintaining a healthy weight and warding off unwanted health conditions, regular daily exercise is proven to improve one’s mood as well. According to the Mayo Clinic, “Physical activity stimulates various brain chemicals that may leave you feeling happier and more relaxed. You may also feel better about your appearance and yourself when you exercise regularly, which can boost your confidence and improve your self-esteem.” A boost of confidence and self-esteem is the perfect way to start out your morning for a more fulfilling and productive day. Just as you want to adjust your schedule to make time for improving your body, you should make time for your mind with the Samsung Nook.

Read More Frequently with the Best Android Tablet

If you’re going to start exercising your muscles, you should start exercising your brain as well. According to The Wire, “reading and similar activities reduced the rate of cognitive decline in dementia patients. Researchers examined the brains of 294 patients post-mortem and found a slower rate of decline in patients who reported more early-life and late-life cognitive activity, such as reading, writing and playing games.” Your mother probably told you reading was good for you from a young age, but now there is the scholarly research to back up the claim.

Reading is harder to eschew as it becomes easier and easier to access compelling content. Reading is no longer restricted to printed materials as eReaders and tablets become increasingly popular among consumers. For readers looking for the Nook Android tablet, there are plenty of options from which to choose. Products like the Nook allow readers to instantly download thousands of titles to their device, eliminating the excuse of having nothing worth reading. Like your daily exercise, setting aside a time each day during which to read can benefit your cognitive well-being and stave off decline from factors like dementia. One you find the best Android tablet for your budget, you can start reading for half an hour to an hour before bed every night and enrich your mind. Even if you aren’t a fan of novels, reading the news or magazine articles on your device are going to deliver a substantial benefit to your mind, as well as your conversations with others. Reading is an essential component of staying connected and up to date on the events of the world.

Start Going to Bed Earlier

After you’ve completed your daily reading period, you’re probably ready to finally go to sleep, but how late have you stayed up? Because we tend to work in jobs with a finite starting time, it’s unrealistic to expect the world to wait on you while you leisurely get a few extra hours of sleep in the morning. That leaves us with the option of either skipping a full night’s rest or going to bed at an earlier hour. The amount of sleep you need depends on a variety of personal factors such as age, but for the average adult over the age of 18 needs about 7-9 hours of sleep each night as reported by the National Sleep Foundation. Among the many benefits of getting that full night of sleep, the foundation reports that sufficient sleep improves your stress and mood, helps you to maintain a healthy weight, improves your athletic performance and coordination, as well as increases your ability to pay attention and retain new information. So not only are you deriving physical benefits from going to sleep earlier, but you’re going to be more productive on the job the next day.

Embracing a healthy and fulfilling life can’t be achieved with just one or two routine elements, but making small changes to your lifestyle adds up to making you a happier and healthier person. By making the conscious decision to adopt practices like exercising daily, reading more frequently with the Nook tablet and going to bed at a reasonable hour, you can improve the quality of the rest of your life.

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