These 5 Startups Covered Bands, Bling, and Bitcoin at Entrepreneurs Roundtable 72

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Novaux founder Javier Dutan began this business after setting his restaurant up to start accepting Bitcoin as payment. It wasn’t an easy process and it took a fair amount of time but after he had finished, he began to see the rewards.

“Guys who pay with bitcoin are evangelists. They’ll tip well and keep coming back. They turned into some of my best customers,” said Dutan.

The process for setting up a restaurant to accept bitcoin was a long one for Dutan, so he set out to streamline the process in an attempt to make it as quick and painless as possible. While he does most of his work with restaurants, he does help convert other businesses as well.

Anyone who has seen Tested try to buy a bitcoin from one of the first bitcoin ATMs you will know that turning a bitcoin into cash can be a long and rather annoying process. Realizing this, Dutan has partnered with a company that will buy each bitcoin with actual cash. So the process looks more like this: a customer pays with bitcoin, the partner buys the bitcoin and you get cash.

Dutan has also partnered with a distribution network in order to increase his reach and the number of businesses he can help make the conversion into accepting bitcoin.

“We’ve built in other cryptocurrency, like doge coin, but we still mostly deal with bitcoin,” said Dutan.

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