The 11 Hot NYC Startups That Killed It At EdTech Accelerator Demo Day

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Karl Rectanus, CEO

Lea(r)n improves the way schools and districts try, buy and use education technology. Designed by and for educators, the online platform collects and quantifies up to five levels of data – including teacher insights and public data on every school – to save time, save money and avoid costly mistakes.

“Since starting at the Accelerator, Lea(R)n has launched LearnTrials.com,

with over a dozen public and private schools, districts and large networks, including the Silicon Valley Education Foundation and the State of North Carolina,” said CEO Karl Rectanus. “Plus, Lea(R)n has built and is actively working a pipeline that represents more than 200,000 educators — impacting over 2 million students — with more users joining every day.”

Being in New York City during the Accelerator has made it easier for North Carolina-based team to engage mentors and connect with capital, especially the sector specific experts who understand their market.

“While the City is significantly more expensive than Raleigh, the rapid access, density of talent and the pace of the city have been a valuable boost to our efforts,” said Rectanus.


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