13 Best Quotes from the Dublin Web Summit

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The Dublin Web Summit was a veritable who’s who of tech, past and present. And probably future, considering that some 2000+ startups were present. Only time will tell. It’s where the tech world meets and given that, of course they had something to say…

“Silicon Valley is white men talking to white men about white men’s problems.” – (Ozon Maelle Gavet, Wandoujia)

davids tisch & McClure

“I’ll look at your pitch, as long as it wasn’t a copy and paste. If you send me a copy and paste pitch, I’ll send you a copy and paste rejection.” – David Tisch, Box Group

“VCs have the attention span of a 7 year old on Ritalin.” Dave McClure, 500 Startups

“The first rule (of investing) for me is don’t have rules. You find one amazing investment and that’s all that matters. If you pick the right body of water, you might not need a boat.” – Mark Pincus, Zynga




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