5 NYC FoodTech Startups That Will Make Investor’s Mouths Water at Food-X Demo Day

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It’s New York and what better place to launch a food accelerator?

Food-X is the first international business accelerator program focused on launching food-related ventures with an evergreen fund, and it’s amazing what a team can accomplish in a few short months with a bit of funding and access to score scores of entrepreneurs, nutritionists, food experts, top chefs, investors, business coaches, academicians, media and design coaches, including Dorothy Hamilton (International Culinary Institute, James Beard Foundation), Ben Cohen (Ben&Jerry), Joel Berg (NYCCAH), Sean O’Sullivan (Netflix, 500Startups), David Rose (New York Angels), Danielle Gould (Food+Tech Connect), Brad Higgins (State Department, Goldman Sachs), Charles Adler (Agency.com Kickstarter co-founder), Krysia Zajonc (Local Food Lab), Deborah Estrin (Cornel University), and Food-X founder Shen Tong (VFinity, Tiananmen activist).

Here are a handful of the companies who’ll be presenting at Food-X Demo day and seeing to it that we all eat just a little bit better.




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