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We live in a short attention span world. Instagram. 140 characters. You want our attention? You’ve gotta grab us in the first few seconds. And displaying a stagnant snapshot just isn’t compelling everyone who may click to go ahead and do it.

That’s what Vilynx is about. Vilynx gives consumers a five-second snapshot of the content of any online video, rather than having to watch the whole thing right off the bat, or seeing a mere static picture. That way, you know what’s grabbing people.

Think of it as a sneak preview, which has been helping to increase engagement.

Vilynx’s technology has been tested and validated in different verticals with amazing results: video views (click-throughs) have increased by as much as 4x, and viewing time has increased as much as 7x.

Meanwhile, behind the scenes is Vilynx’s comprehensive data analytics and APIs to develop dashboards which deliver information about how viewers consume videos, including which portions of the video have the most views – and which are not getting attention. So Vilynx delivers a strong vertical solution for digital media and entertainment content that provides unique information to maximize audience engagement – and increase ad revenue.

Cofounders Juan Carlos Riveiro (CEO) and Chris Acosta (SVP) give us the full view.

Tell us about the product.

Our patented technology replaces static thumbnails of videos with dynamic previews in a grid format. This helps viewers discover online video contents by providing a window into every online video without killing their mobile data plan because our previews require very low bandwidth.

Our preview provides publishers 3X increases in click-to-play rates and 6X increases in time spent with the content, and consequently revenue.

Vilynx analyzes video content to understand the most significant moments and then surfaces them as a 5-second dynamic visual preview.

That is just the beginning, as we offer customization in the preview layer to match the editorial and revenue needs of a content owner or publisher.

How is it different?

Our patented technology is new, unique and very much needed in the video space. We’ve had feedback from veterans in the video industry that it is something they have never seen before or thought of.

Specifically, there are a few things that set us apart:

  1. Our video preview has to be a 5-second summary that highlights at least 20 seconds of the original video content.
  2. It has to have audio.
  3. To really engage the audience, it needs to be more than just a few frames stitched together. At the same time, the file has to be small in order to load quickly to enhance the mouse over experience on the computer or click on mobile. On mobile, the summary only loads when the user wants to watch it. Speed is very important here to keep the audience engaged.

What market are you attacking and how big is it?

The online video market. We believe every online video thumbnail will have as metadata a video preview with audio.

Initially, we are focusing on high quality premium advertising video contents because it is a multi-billion dollar a year business – and growing – and that revenue is directly-linked with the performance of their videos. It is important to bring content to audience that will increase “click views.” And the video snapshot is just the beginning, and the thing that gets the conversation started across analytics data, commerce, advertising/marketing, CRM, and education. The market exponentially grows from the touchpoint of video.

What is the business model?

There are four, which in aggregate create for a blended revenue model of CPM, in terms of summary downloads (not impressions) for high volume download markets. and SaaS basically for the rest of video industry, where the volume is more on the number of videos, rather than the audience, and, per our early data from SF merchants, eCommerce acceleration. Every market is a little different.

What are the milestones that you plan to achieve within six months?

Adoption across major content companies, brands and publishers. We are talking with virtually everyone now.

If you could be put in touch with one investor in the New York community who would it be and why?

There are several good investors in the NY area that know media well and they will understand quickly how we are changing the face of video.

Why are you launching in New York?

New York is the center of the media world, which is why we have formed a terrific team in NYC – people whom you know, to lead our efforts here in New York and work with the terrific teams we have in San Francisco and Spain.

Whale Room or Temple of Dendur?

Temple of Dendur.

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