This NYC Startup Gets Chores Done Faster Than You Can Stress Out About Them



On a day-to-day basis chores need to be taken care of. For millennial parents, where both are working, the chores build up fast and time is not used as it should be. This is where Paige comes in to save the day; the AI and community based platform knows what chores need to get done and gives you best recommendations and options for how to best check off your family’s to-do list. Ranging from groceries to babysitter collaboration Paige is turning your family into the well-oiled ship that’s needed to raise your kids.

We spoke with the cofounder and CEO, Michael Moynahan, and got his take on how best to serve the parents of this generation.

Tell us about the product or service. 

Paige is the easiest way for busy parents to manage their household.

How is it different? 

Paige provides a seamless way to convert discovery into action by utilizing a hybrid of AI and a growing community of moms that match users with the “right” product/service recommendations when they’re most needed.

We call this “Context Commerce”.

On the B2B side, with all the rich data being compiled, we’ve figured out a way to insert Paige further down the purchasing funnel than other ad platforms like Google or Facebook.

With Paige we know intent, location, behaviors, context and much more.  As a result, we’re able to lower CAC to any business trying to reach this demographic. What’s the alternative? Hire a digital marketing team, set up and optimize ongoing PPC campaigns, build and continuously manage your E-com funnel.  This is an expensive and ongoing process, one where the consumer ultimately pays the price.

What market are you attacking and how big is it? 

In our initial phase we are targeting Millennial parents, an $870 billion market that has substantial purchasing influence on the generations before us (our parents). As Millennials continue to enter different stages of their lives and start families of their own, we want to grow with them and challenge ourselves to build great products for us, by us.

What is the business model?

CPC. Vendors and brands bid for product placement at moment of intent (input) and we conduct the transaction in their behalf.

What inspired the business? 

My Co-founder and Head of Product Vince Mota began building and testing the early concepts of Paige while working in Product at Ralph Lauren. Having a daughter born with a heart murmur and dealing with the anxiety of leaving his child with someone outside of his support system, Vince was in constant search for solutions that offered his family a better work/life balance.

He spoke with over 200 millennial parents at various meetup groups and after building an MVP that was received well both by parents and the local tech community, he took the entrepreneurial ‘leap’ and began to pursue Paige full time.
Vince and I were introduced a few years back through mutual friends. As the youngest of nine children and entrepreneur, I was inspired on both a personal and professional level. I’ve witnessed first hand the need to simplify day-to-day parenting responsibilities, but also believe Paige has great potential to serve other demographics as well.

Given the task management market is fragmented, why introduce another tool just for the needs of parents rather than integrating into an existing platform?  

Good question.  While competition validates our space, we’re confident that our goal of building a socially conscious business along with a seasoned team and great execution, we’ll differentiate ourselves from the alternatives.  Search existed before Google and social networks were well into existence before Facebook.

What are the milestones that you plan to achieve within six months? 

40% organic MOM growth, raise a seed round, integrate with additional strategic partners and vendors.

What is the one piece of startup advice that you never got? 

I’ve been lucky to have an incredible group of mentors that have instilled a healthy sense of skepticism in every potential venture I pursue.  That being said, my background is in behavioral marketing and analytics. Now working on my 3rd venture with one previous acquisition, the most important advice I wish I had received earlier is to never underestimate the value of word of mouth marketing. Assuming a great product is in place, it’s incredibly effective.

If you could be put in touch with anyone in the New York community who would it be and why?  Having previously co-founded a digital currency startup and being a strong advocate of the Bitcoin 2.0 ecosystem, I greatly respect Fred Wilson and the Union Square Ventures’ support of emerging technologies like decentralized protocols.

The way we’re integrating bot technology within Paige as ‘digital helpers’ would make for an interesting discussion with them. The ‘techies’ in us loves to be ahead of the curve, but there’s an undeniable level of practicality in what we’re building where the end result is a well-timed blend of ingenuity and simplicity.

Why did you launch in New York? 

New York has an incredibly strong ecosystem of entrepreneurs and it continues to grow.  The startup community has been incredibly support of us; that’s something we’ve been greatly appreciative for.

What’s your favorite rooftop bar in NYC to unwind? 


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