5 Things NYC Tech is Doing For Immigrant Heritage Month



June is Immigrant Heritage Month, a very important celebration for the tech community. The tech industry is one of the most welcoming industries for immigrants. In fact, 36% of all top tech founders in the US are immigrants. Immigrant Heritage Month honors our country’s immigrant heritage– stories of individuals, families, and communities who have contributed to the unique social fabric of our country.

Here are how five NYC Tech Companies are taking part in the conversation.

1. Managed by Q Spotlights

To celebrate Immigrant Heritage Month, Managed by Q is spotlighting Q operators from around the world, each with their own unique immigrant story. These stories are featured on the official Managed by Q official Twitter @ManagedbyQ and Instagram @managedbyq. Click here to read and share their stories!

2. Venture Out Pitch Nights

VentureOut has been a long time supporters of immigration reform and immigrants. All month long they are celebrating Immigrant Heritage Month by hosting a series of pitch nights featuring entrepreneurs from around the world.  See a list of events and how to be a part of a pitch night here.

3) Airbnb

This month, Airbnb is sharing inspiring stories of hospitality and belonging as seen through the lens of the immigrant experience. Airbnb is interviewing a diverse group of immigrants and sharing their stories on the Airbnb Action page. 

4) LMHQ Coming to NYC

LMHQ is partnering with New Women New Yorkers to host, Coming to NYC – Authentic voices of immigrant women!  on June 20th. The event will feature four amazing panelists to speak about the immigrant experience, a reception with music,  delicious Lebanese and Italian food, an open bar, and a silent auction with very special items.  You can secure tickets for this event here — all proceeds go to programs for New Women New Yorkers.

5)  Fueled Collective Hackathon

Fueled, a mobile app and design company based in NYC, has partnered with FWD.us, Welcome.us, and others to host an Immigrant Heritage Month Hackathon to build tools, apps, and platforms to help make New York a more welcoming city for immigrants to live, work, and play.  In attendance will be many leaders in the tech and immigration community including New York City Assistant Commissioner of the Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs.

If you’re wondering how you can get involved, come join in one of the upcoming events listed above. The IHM Hackathon at Fueled is free, open to anyone, and fast approaching! The hackathon on June 24th and 25th is a fun and easy way to show your support for immigrants. Find out more details and how to register here.

Image credit: CC by David Jones

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