This NYC Startup is Changing How Music and Business Blend

This NYC Startup is Changing How Music and Business Blend



When someone walks in to your store you want them to associate every sensory experience with your brand. While in some ways this is easily accomplished, the auditory experience tends to lag behind and there may be legal ramifications. This is why AMUSE is the must have for your store if music is a part of the atmosphere. The curated music service that gives you the power to choose what is being played, is easy to use, enjoyable for your customers, and gives you an outlet to personalize the in store experience. The service is compatible with any smartphone or desktop and is equipped with a number of innovative features. So whether you own a barber shop, gym, or diner, you’ll want to AMUSE in the fold.

AlleyWatch spoke with cofounder Chad Ozgur about the service and how Coworkrs space is supporting their vision.

Tell us about the product or service.
AMUSE is the new generation business music streaming solution that provides great content, convenience, and compliance at a very affordable rate. Businesses that subscribe to the service get access to millions of tracks, all properly licensed for business use, professionally curated playlists for every establishment type and every occasion. The system comes with a dedicated hardware player, that has a built-in DAC that provides vinyl-like sound quality, which is free, but it is also possible to use any device that has Internet connectivity. We have apps for iOS, Android, and desktop computers
How is it different?
Both from a technology & curation standpoint, AMUSE is leaps and bounds beyond the current competition.  It provides much better control over the music that plays in your business, interaction with your customers, as well as promoting your brand through music.
What is your personal favorite feature or use of your product?
I love and consistently use the Discovery & Station Mashup functionality, which is an awesome way to discover new music. Also, “Amuse Engage” our branded streaming solution that allows businesses to have their own white-labeled music streaming app, is a hit among our early adopters.

Chad Ozgur

Chad Ozgur

What market are you attacking and how big is it?
Practically any place that plays music publicly – bars, restaurants, coffee shops, nail salons, diners, doctor offices, gyms, bowling alleys, burger joints.  According to latest data, there are 22 million establishments that fall under the above description.
What is the business model?
Monthly subscription to the service.
What inspired the business?
Music and technology has always been my passions. This was an excellent project to combine the two.
How has Coworkrs helped foster the growth of your business?
The startup friendly environment Coworkrs provides is invaluable in any company’s early stages. The ability to grow & shrink as needed in terms of office space is a great benefit, also let’s not forget about cookie Fridays!
What are the milestones that you plan to achieve within six months?
Secure 500 locations in the Midtown Manhattan area.
What is the one piece of startup advice that you never got?
Don’t do it!
Are you working on any exciting new features or offerings?
Yes, all the time. Our latest feature set includes AMUSE Engage, which is a branded music streaming solution that businesses can give to their customers for free. You go to your favorite gym, they give you an invite code, voila!, free music. You can also tune in to the business and listen to what’s playing, and have access to their curations as well.
Why did you launch in New York?
Live, work and love NYC
Where is your favorite Fall destination in the city?
Central Park and Prospect park obviously. Fall in NYC is magnificent, can’t think of any particular destination that won’t be awesome.


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