AlleyWatch Event Listing

If you would like for your event to be considered for inclusion in our calendar, there are two options:

1. Regular Event Listing

Before submitting your listing, please make sure that your event is not already listed on the calendar.   Please have the following details of the event ready as they will need to be submitted:

Event Name
Organizer Name (please check the dropdown to see if the organizer is already listed)
Start Date and Time
End Date and Time
A description of your event (include the critical details of your event in this section; do not include names of your sponsors)
Name of Venue (please check the dropdown to see if the venue is already listed)
Address of Venue
Cost of the event (if there are multiple costs, please enter the current or cheapest cost; for free events enter “FREE”)
URL where attendees can register (this is the URL for the event registration and not your website)
Image/Logo for the event/organizer (this image should be between 300-600px wide as it will be included as a header and in a landscape orientation)

There are explicit instructions below each listing on what to enter into each field. In the event that you have made a mistake in your listing, just enter the event again with the correct details and send an email to error@alleywatch.com with the URL of the incorrect event. Your event will be reviewed and normally be made live within 24 hours.  Do not submit your event again. That will ensure that both events are deleted.

2. Featured Event Listing (2 options)

Option 1 – Display

We are pleased to introduce our new Featured Event display listing service.   Featured Events will receive premium placement on the event site.

This is your opportunity to reach our very influential, extremely well educated, and highly affluent audience of venture capitalists, angel investors, entrepreneurs, accelerators, startup employees, thought leaders, event organizers, corporate executives, academics, city officials, PR/press people and tech enthusiasts.

Simple display featured listings are being offered now at the special rate of $1000/month or until your event in the case your event is less than 30 days away and will be included on the event website with a 300×250 creative that you will provide. We also have opportunities for integrated marketing campaigns that include display advertising, social push, and native content initiatives that can be priced upon request.

After you complete the steps from part 1 clicking the banner below, you will then have the option to feature your event.

Option 2 – Daily Email Inclusion

Featured events can also be listed on our daily newsletter that reaches the most influential, educated, and affluent tech audience in New York.  Your event can be featured prominently at the top and bottom of our newsletter at the special pricing of $1750 per week.  Featured email listings are subject to available inventory. Please contact us at featured@alleywatch.com to discuss and check upcoming availability.

If you have any questions about featured listings, please email us at featured@alleywatch.com

free event listing nyc

Please visit our self service submission page to list your event.

Please note that inclusion in the AlleyWatch calendar is completely at the discretion of management and submission does not guarantee posting.  The AlleyWatch calendar, by policy only, focuses on events that have some tangible educational purpose where attendees can leave with some sort lasting knowledge.  Events such as happy hours and after parties, while great, do not qualify for inclusion.


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