AlleyWatch NYC Venture Capital Resources

The team at AlleyWatch has taken the time to produce some excellent resources providing a snapshot of the New York venture capital industry. As you are considering raising financing, the following resources may prove helpful.

the complete guide to vc firms in nyc.001

AlleyWatch has produced a snapshot on every single NYC venture capital firm.  Visits the guide here – The Complete Guide to Venture Capital Firms in NYC 


AlleyWatch has produced a curated list of 50 VCs in New York – 50 NYC VCs You Need to Know About

Profiles of NYC Venture Capitalists

AlleyWatch has also produced a widely popular series entitled “A New York VC Spotlight” profiling various VCs in the NYC ecosystem.  You can read the individual pieces here:

Adam Rothenberg
Alan Patricof 
Albert Wenger 
Alberto Escarlate 
Alessandro Piol 
Allison Goldberg 
Andrew Chang 
Andy Weissman
Ben Lin 
Benjamin Sun 
Bo Peabody
Bob Goodman 
Brad Burnham 
Brad Svrluga 
Bradley C. Harrison 
Brian Hirsch
Caterina Fake
Charlie Kemper 
Charlie O’Donnell 
Chris Fralic 
Craig Shapiro 
Dan Ciporin 
Danny Schultz 
David Aronoff 
David Pakman 
Deborah Farrington
Deborah Hopkins 
Doug Jamison 
Ed Sim
Edwin Goodman 
Eliot Durbin 
Eric Hippeau 
Fred Wilson 
Geoff Judge 
Gil Beyda 
Habib Kairouz 
Hadley Harris
Howard Morgan 
Ian Sigalow 
Jalak Jobanputra 
James Robinson III 
Jay Levy
Jeanne Sullivan 
Jeff Horing 
Jeremy Levine
Joe Medved
John Borthwick 
John Frankel
Jordan Levy 
Josh Guttman 
Josh Kopelman 
Joshua Kushner 
Joshua Ruch
Joshua Siegel
Karin Klein 
Ken Lerer 
Kirill Sheynkman 
Lawrence Lenihan 
Lewis Gersh 
Marc Michel 
Mark Peter Davis 
Marissa Campise
Mark Leschly 
Mark Patricof 
Matt Harris 
Matt Turck 
Matt Witheiler
Micah Rosenbloom 
Michael Patterson 
Mike Brooks 
Mike Brown Jr. 
Mo Koyfman
Nick Beim 
Pedro Torres Picón 
Peter Sobiloff 
Roger Ehrenberg 
Ross Goldstein 
Ryan Darnell
Shana Fisher 
Sim Blaustein
Stuart Ellman 
William Peng
Will Porteous


Historical Perspective on NYC Venture Capital



These startups have raised the largest early stage rounds in NYC history – 10 Largest Seed Rounds in NYC History  


These startups have raised the largest early Series A rounds in NYC history – The 10 Largest Series A Rounds in NYC History



These startups have raised the largest early Series B rounds in NYC history – The 10 Largest Series B Rounds in NYC History 

largest late stage rounds nyc history

These startups have raised the largest late stage rounds in NYC history – The 10 Largest Late Stage Rounds in NYC History 


These are the 25 most funded startups in NYC – The 25 Most Funded Startups in NYC


These are the 20 largest financings across all rounds in NYC history  – 20 Largest Funding Rounds in NYC History


These are the 20 largest startup financings of 2014 – 20 Largest Funding Rounds in NYC History

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