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Technology is changing every second. With companies like Apple and Microsoft putting millions of dollars into R&D, seeing new technology every six months is a given. However, new technology also means smart investment opportunities for consumers who have the money to invest. Industry watcher Business Insider, in particular, has been watching the market and it has picked out several new markets, products and technologies that will be very popular in the future.Here are our top picks that should prove an interesting read.

Mobile Payments

Making payments through virtual cash has always been popular. However, PayPal and other payment gateways were the only companies that were in popular use. Now, mobile payments through miniaturized credit card gateways are the norm. Ecommerce solution providers like Shopify are already offering credit card readers that can be attached to iPads and iPhones to collect payments through a simple swipe. Apart from miniaturized readers, companies like Google, Apple and PayPal are also offering unique digital wallets. The wallets are solely online and payments can be made just by swiping biometric thumbprints or by e-signatures. However, digital wallets and digital payments have yet to gain in popularity.

Solar Storage

Solar energy has seen a considerable surge in demand over the last few years. Local and national authorities have also been offering substantial rewards to homeowners who can shift over from grid power to solar power. As a result, better and improved solar panels, combined with energy or power storage batteries, could be the best investment option for the future. Manufacturers are already using Lithium Ion batteries to store energy and drive solar-powered cars, and this could decrease the overall cost of solar-powered houses and automobiles. A report from Nano Markets also shows that the global demand for solar energy will increase to about $2 billion in 2018. As the solar power technology improves, investors need to cash in on the market right now.

Nanotechnology and Wearable Technology

Nanites are here to stay and they could very easily be the wave of the future. Although not much is known about the evolving field, there has been enough media hype to keep investors interested. To make nanotechnology useful, researchers have started combining wearable technology with nano tech, resulting in very interesting emerging technology. Google Glass broke the frontier of wearable tech, but it is still early days for this kind of tech. Whispers are whipping about in the market about body adaptable wearable electronics, nano structured carbon composites, human microbiome therapeutics, nanowire lithium-ion batteries, and other emerging technologies. Most of these products are still in the development stage, but they combine nanotech with cutting-edge technology.

Brain Computer Interfaces

The ability to control computers with brain waves is not as ‘science-fiction-y’ as you might think. Brain-computer interfaces are already being used clinically in quadriplegics, and direct brain implants have helped to restore partial eyesight in people who have lost their sight. Recent research shows that it could be possible to make direct computer to brain interfaced computers by late 2018.

RNA-Based Treatments

RNA or ribonucleic acid is an essential molecule found in all body cells. It acts as a messenger protein, carrying messages inside the cell. At the same time, it also plays a critical role in human disease and disorders. RNA-based treatments were being researched, but the field has gained in popularity and interest in the last few years. With RNA-based medications, it could be possible to treat or control genetic disorders, cancers, autoimmune conditions, etc. Researchers are looking into adapting human RNA or building new RNA and injecting it as intravenous therapeutic agents directly into body cells.

Smart Fabrics

New fabrics are always being discovered, but a company called SmartWeave has a product that prevents sweat stains. The US Military also spends millions on finding innovative fabrics that can withstand injuries and accidents.

Grocery and Meals

With hectic lifestyles, most people find it difficult to visit local stores to do their grocery shopping. As a result, online grocery stores are facing a serious business boost. According to Gartner, online grocers generated more than $15 million in sales in the US alone and this market could easily double. Both Amazon and WalMart have climbed into the market. Apart from groceries, the companies have also started offering freshly cooked, ready meals to customers, states 2020science.

Although new technology and interesting new ventures come along every day, The Economic Times has a very interesting viewpoint. It states that technology should be useful and cheap, and that’s the only way that it will become popular with users. Smartphones became popular because they provided a useful service for millions of users by connecting them to the Internet and providing telephone services as well. Any technology that can provide multiple uses like the smartphone, can expect a very lucrative future, and investors who climb on to the correct bandwagon can expect to go laughing all the way to the bank.

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