21 People in the New York FinTech Scene You Need to Know About

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Reggie Middleton, CEO, Veritaseum

Entrepreneurial investor and globally renown analyst Reggie Middleton is CEO of Veritaseum and creator of the UltraCoin wallet, a patent pending technology that allows users to create their own “smart contracts” – unbreachable contracts based upon bitcoin technology that enables money to be programmed and mimic the business functions of nearly any company or employee. UltraCoin currently enables holders of the client/wallet to trade over 75,000 stocks, bonds, commodities and futures from around the world on a peer to peer basis, without a conventional securities exchange or brokerage account. All with a simple 30 second software download. For the curious, here’s a video description of a simple trade. The disintermediation caused by Middleton’s UltraCoin has the potential to disrupt the brokerage industry.


Name: Reggie Middleton
Title: CEO
Company: Veritaseum
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