This NYC Startup Finally Takes Hotel Services Out of the Dark Ages



Isn’t it odd that you can book a trip to the most exotic places on the planet online, but once you get to the hotel, you’re back in 1991?

MobileSuites changes that.

It’s a mobile platform for hotels gives travelers on-demand access to frequently used hotel services, allowing any hotel to instantly modernize its guest offerings and keep pace with the rest of the travel industry.  Hotels respond to concierge and other service requests guests make through the app. And everyone’s happy – and gets what he or she needs, without having to ring up the concierge as if we were still living in an era before smartphones.

Co-founder Basel Fakhoury tells us more about this Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator company.

Tell us about the decision to apply for ER Accelerator.

We thought that ERA would be able to give us a great support structure and network of mentors to help our company grow.

Tell us about your product.

Our product is a mobile app that lets guests access hotel services at any hotel. Guests can order room service, check in, order a taxi, etc., directly from our app! We just launched our beta with hundreds of hotels, including Hyatt and Starwood brands.

How is it different?

Currently guests can only interact with hotel services through the hotel phone or the front desk. We allow guests to engage with the hotel from anywhere. Furthermore, we are allowing guests to access these services at any hotel from just one app.

What market are you attacking and how big is it?

Travelers spend $160B at their hotels and about $40B on non-room revenue – all hotel revenue besides room bookings. Furthermore, they spend $200B on food and beverages while they are traveling.

What is the business model?

We charge hotels a flat monthly rate to integrate with our app and use our fulfillment software.

How will being in NYC help your startup?

New York has many innovative hotels that are on the cutting edge of hospitality technology. We think it is a great place to build momentum for our product and our company.

What’s your favorite summer vacation spot?

Avalon, New Jersey


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