The Best Location to Launch a Tech Startup



An infographic by bizbrain.org addresses where the best location is for a new startup. Silicon Valley, New York, and London are all compared to each other in regards to various statistics, including product type, available amount of funding, mentorship, and average entrepreneur age. One fact that sets Silicon Valley apart from New York and London is the size of its startup ecosystem. Silicon Valley’s startup ecosystem is 3x that of New York Citys 4.5x London, 12.5x Berlin, and 38 Boulders combined. In addition, it is more likely for games, social networks, infrastructure, and user-generated content to be created in Silicon Valley rather than in either New York or London.. Bizbrain.org’s infographic also states that Silicon Valley founders have started twice as many startups than their New York and London counterparts.


where to start a tech startup


Silicon Valley startups are 30% more likely to want to change the world than those in New York Tweet this
The average entrepreneur is 32.6 years old in NYC vs in 34.1 in the valley Tweet this
The average entrepreneur is 32.6 years old in NYC  Tweet this
Twice as many startups have been created in Silicon Valley as opposed to London or New York Tweet this

About the author: Meredith Diers

Meredith Diers is a multimedia journalist and currently earning a Master’s degree at The University at Texas at Austin. She has worked as an intern at Texas Monthly and the Denton Record Chronicle as well as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Albania since her graduation from Colorado College in 2009.

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