How to Know You Have the Right Job


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We’re in the business of connecting top talent with the roles that will take their career to the next level. That means we deal with lots of people who are ready, for whatever reason, to move on from the jobs they currently hold. Mobility is key to the tech world, and the constant mobility of talent is part of how tech companies stay intellectually diverse and innovative. Still, everyone is looking for a role and a company that genuinely engages them and makes them happy. Here are a few ways to know that you’ve found the role that is truly best for your talent.

1) You’re Working For Something Greater Than Yourself

Everyone wants to be treated well at work, and that includes receiving a decent paycheck. But compensation can only take you so far. The best jobs are those where you genuinely feel connected to a goal that’s larger than yourself. A great company always has a vision for serving humanity at its core. Look for companies whose vision matches yours, and you’ll have an enduring source of energy and passion for the work, even on rough days.

2) You Never Doubt Your Team

The goal of all leaders is to unite individual players into a team. The art and discipline of creating followership is tough to master, but it’s key to all business success. It’s also crucial to making those individual players feel connected to their work. When you take a role, you should feel that your department is communicating and co-operating in all the right ways, to bring the company’s vision into reality. This fact alone can give you the sort of enduring satisfaction that makes you happy to come into work in the morning.

3) You’d Do It If They Didn’t Pay You

Ultimately, you’ll know you’ve found the right role when you actually feel the urge to perform it. When you engage with your work out of obligation or fear, you leave at the end of the day feeling exhausted or anxious. But when you’ve found the right place in the business world, you’ll be driven to engage out of sheer absorption with the work. You’ll go home thinking about your job, not because you’re worried, but because the work has tapped your skill set and engaged you on a deep level, and you’re genuinely interested in the possibilities for what you can accomplish tomorrow. If you could see yourself doing this work, and trying to solve these problems, even without a payment, you’ve found something greater than a role — you’ve found a calling. And that’s the great goal of all work.




Reprinted by permission.

Image credit: CC by Steve Wilson.

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