Brian Hecht

Brian Hecht has been a serial entrepreneur for nearly 20 years and is a veteran of multiple startups and exits. He is currently Co-Founder and Chairman of Choozer, Inc. – an HR tech platform – and Founder and CEO of ClaimFame LLC – an online service for aspiring actors. He enjoys advising entrepreneurs with startup ventures and is a Mentor at DreamIt Ventures.

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#NYCTech - I’ve heard it maybe a dozen times in the past few weeks: “It’s the dead of summer. Nobody’s around. We can’t make any progress until September.”Sound familiar? Of course it does. I often feel the same way myself....
Advice - Why do so many of us – especially recent grads who might otherwise go into corporate America -- want to start companies? Seeing a handful of your peers become tech billionaires sure doesn’t hurt. And the fact that launching an app...