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Advice - //Games industry analyst Nicholas Lovell explains why building a successful game like Candy Crush might be harder than you think.
Tech - Investors and entrepreneurs celebrated success at the ninth annual Crunchies Awards in San Francisco. But irrational exuberance was in short supply at the end of a day, when Zenefits, nominated in the fastest rising start-up category,...
#NYCTech - With the average adult spending 11 out of their 18 waking hours staring at screens, and children just slightly under that, we have only begun to discover the consequences of intense screen looking. With screen addictions becoming more...
Advice -“Yes! Yep! Oh, that would be fun!”I remember reading through a job description a few months after I started learning to code and thinking, I can actually do this! And this! And this and this!And then I got to the...
Tech -On Monday February 1st, after the market closed. Google reported blow out earnings. In after hours trading Google’s shares immediately rose by more than 8%, giving the company a market cap of $560 billion, almost 5% above the...
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Cool Tech - //A robot designed at Cornell anticipates whether you need a refill on your drink, and then pours it for you. Cornell computer science assistant professor Ashutosh Saxena joins digits
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Cool Tech - //Scientists have created a remote control robotic motor called "Spermbot" that could fertilize eggs and help couples who struggle to have a baby.
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Lifestyle - // Fans going to Super Bowl 50 on February 7 will experience some of the best technology Silicon Valley firms have to offer.
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Analytics - //IPhones, Tablets and FitBits are examples of technology late adopters are slow to embrace. Charlie Wells joins Lunch Break with Tanya Rivero and discusses reasons why they wait to buy new gadgets and how companies market to them.
Social Media and the Quest for Authenticity Photo
Advice - Lately, quitting social media in a “powerful way” has become even more interesting than social media itself. Take Essena O’Neill, who is an Australian-born model with over half a million followers on multiple platforms. Fox 8...
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Business - //Iowans will still use scraps of paper to cast the first votes of the 2016 presidential race, but new Microsoft apps will help caucus leaders report results to both Republican and Democratic party headquarters.
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Apps - //Wearable tracker maker Mio Global has a new fitness metric called Personal Activity Intelligence based on your unique heart rate data. Personal tech columnist Geoffrey A. Fowler takes PAI for a workout.
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Cool Tech - //Hyperloop Technologies and Hyperloop Transportation Technologies are locked in a high-stakes race to create the first hyperloop, a low-pressure tube in which levitating capsules carry passengers at nearly the speed of sound.
Inside the Code -You’ve heard the advice, “everyone should learn to code.” But you’re not quite sold.You don’t exactly self-identify as a tech-genius, and you’re nowhere near Silicon Valley. How do I know if this is right for...
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IoT - //China is investing in intelligent factories and smart cities, but it also fears the Internet's destabilizing potential. Digital innovation may be limited by political repression. 
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IoT - //Intel's Rachel Mushahwar joins Lunch Break with Tanya Rivero to discuss new technology Intel is introducing at the National Retail Federation convention, including a virtual jewelry mirror and a 3-D scanner to help shoe...