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#NYCTech - When most people think of wearables, they think Google Glass, but there’s a lot more to Wearable Tech than people running around with devices on their heads that make them look like… explorers. New York City is one of the...
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Cool Tech - The Array of Things project in Chicago is installing hundreds of sensors across the city, in hopes of providing a new breed of data-fueled urban planning.
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Big Data - New academic projects aim to bring big data to the public sphere by deploying vast sensor networks in cities. Video not showing up? Click here
#NYCTech - It’s the R/GA Accelerator powered by Techstars' IoT Class of 2015. Ten companies who reflect the fast-growing Internet of Things that is powering connected devices, from homes to offices, from aircraft to automobiles, from beacons...
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Tech - What's News: Google is working on large-scale video displays. EU regulators approve Facebook's purchase of WhatsApp. Texas health officials are...
Apps - At age 4, Ryker Wixom is already popular on Instagram, even though he may not fully know what Instagram is. The account, @MiniStyleHacker, features photos of the 4-year old dressed in dapper attire. In many of the posts, he "hacks"...
#NYCTech - Seriously. Weloop are smart glasses that allow you to live stream - and share - with just the press of a button and a smart phone. The Weloop hardware itself is a simple pair of glasses with a camera and wifi chip to enable you to...
Business - U.S. inmates are increasingly buying gizmos from prison commissaries, including MP3 players and flat-screen televisions -- spending about $750 million annually on their gadget habits as several companies quietly seize this massive,...
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Tech - If fitness trackers like Jawbone and Fitbit are not enough for your workout routine, then try PUSH or LEO instead. Eva Tam hits the gym to test out...
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Cool Tech - Are we ready for phone-controlled electronic deadbolts? Geoffrey A. Fowler and Wilson Rothman discuss the latest crop of “smart” home locks.
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Apps - Personal finance apps are trying to inject some fun into paying bills. Charlie Wells breaks down three apps to have in your e-wallet. Video not...
AlleyTalk - When it comes to wearable technology, everyone is talking about it as the next step in mobile, and how it will be able to do all these things and make our lives better. But behind all of the hype - and there is a lot of it - there are...
Big Data - This infographic from Baynote outlines how data influences the customer journey from discovery, to research / purchase intent, to checkout, post-purch and beyond. Reprinted by permission. Image Credit: CC by Get Elastic
#NYCTech - What if your grocery bag could help you make smarter food and ingredient choices while you’re doing your online shopping? Pretty smart, eh? BagIQ instantly syncs user purchases made at 100+ grocery chains, including Walmart,...
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Business - Augmented reality brings virtual monsters and heroes to life on city streets, even your own backyard. But A-R is moving beyond games as businesses are finding practical uses to solve real problems.
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Cool Tech - One startup believes it's cracked the code on fake meat that looks like meat, bleeds like meat, and even sizzles on the grill. Evelyn Rusli stops by...

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