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Apps - .Ford CEO Mark Fields talks about how his company is planning to profit from ridesharing as cities become more congested and carsharing increases in popularity.
#NYCTech -  Whenever you go out, be it nightly or just the occasional drink, you’re always getting at least one drink. The upside is that you are enjoying yourself; the downside…is that you are paying for it. The newest “private...
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Apps - To celebrate Twitter's 10th birthday, we look back at the company's most memorable moments.
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Apps - The debate between privacy and national security has never been more heated, with Apple and other tech firms going up against the government. So how are text messages encrypted, and what are the controversial "backdoors" that...
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Apps - Virtual reality isn't just for gaming anymore. VR movies are becoming mainstream with several Hollywood A-list directors jumping on board with a new approach to storytelling.
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Apps -  //What3Words have mapped the world into 57 trillion areas that can pinpoint a destination to a 3-meter by 3-meter square. This text-based alternative to GPS positioning was demonstrated at the 4 Years From Now event at Mobile...
Advice - Mobile apps, joining websites, is the latest frontier for startups. Whether to choose a native application or a responsive website is more of a business call rather than an informative one. The reason is that visitors who are accessing...
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Advice - It's easy for rush hour commuters to miss a giant Wookiee when their noses are buried in smartphones. We use the test to highlight the pitfalls of texting while walking.
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Apps -  //While some companies consider aerial delivery drones, Starship Technologies has developed an automated driverless suburban delivery system. The company is testing the robot this summer and aims to make the first commercial...
#NYCTech - As a generation we put a lot of trust in our tech, yet we are still a bit distrustful of how smart our smart technology really is (we’re talking about you - autocorrect). And like parenting, when we give more and more...
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Apps -  //Tired of running out of data every month and paying your cell carrier even more money? Follow Joanna Stern's simple data diet to save.
Advice -  For many startups, the term “platform agnostic” represents a kind of unattainable utopia in the world of mobile apps. The idea that a development team has only to create an app for one mobile platform and have it easily converted...
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Apps -  //A new study from the University of Chicago found marriages that began online, when compared with those that began through traditional offline venues, were slightly less likely to result in a break up and were found to be happier.
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Advice -  //Games industry analyst Nicholas Lovell explains why building a successful game like Candy Crush might be harder than you think.
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Analytics -  //IPhones, Tablets and FitBits are examples of technology late adopters are slow to embrace. Charlie Wells joins Lunch Break with Tanya Rivero and discusses reasons why they wait to buy new gadgets and how companies market to them.
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Apps -  //Wearable tracker maker Mio Global has a new fitness metric called Personal Activity Intelligence based on your unique heart rate data. Personal tech columnist Geoffrey A. Fowler takes PAI for a workout.