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#NYCTech - Seriously. Weloop are smart glasses that allow you to live stream - and share - with just the press of a button and a smart phone. The Weloop hardware itself is a simple pair of glasses with a camera and wifi chip to enable you to...
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Cool Tech - Are we ready for phone-controlled electronic deadbolts? Geoffrey A. Fowler and Wilson Rothman discuss the latest crop of “smart” home locks.
#NYCTech - What if your grocery bag could help you make smarter food and ingredient choices while you’re doing your online shopping? Pretty smart, eh? BagIQ instantly syncs user purchases made at 100+ grocery chains, including Walmart,...
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Business - Augmented reality brings virtual monsters and heroes to life on city streets, even your own backyard. But A-R is moving beyond games as businesses are finding practical uses to solve real problems.
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Cool Tech - One startup believes it's cracked the code on fake meat that looks like meat, bleeds like meat, and even sizzles on the grill. Evelyn Rusli stops by...
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Cool Tech - iRobot's Tim Trainer joins digits to explain how the company's new Android-based multi-robot tablet controller improves ease of use for defense forces and first responders.
Cool Tech - When Judah Schiller goes for a bike ride, he might pedal alongside dolphins instead of trees. Perched on a frame that floats on 11-foot inflatable pontoons, he's seen a group of sea lions poke their heads out of water, inquisitive...
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Cool Tech - A NASA-backed study is exploring an innovative way to bring humans to Mars: Putting the spaceship crew in a deep sleep while they travel to the Red...
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Cool Tech - The U.S. Navy is testing out a cutting-edge way of manufacturing clothes: welding them together with ultrasonic sound waves. The process promises garments that weigh at least 40 percent less.
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Cool Tech - Shuji Nakamura, one of three Nobel Prize winners in Physics this year, spoke to reporters Tuesday and displayed his winning invention of efficient blue light-emitting diodes (LED). He hopes LED lights well help reduce global warming.
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AlleyTalk - One of the world's largest floating cranes arrived at New York's Tappan Zee Bridge construction site on Monday. It's being used to build a $3.9 billion bridge between Rockland and Westchester counties and is slated to open in 2018
#NYCTech - A number of new start-ups presented to a pair of investors and a large audience at host BMW i Ventures’ space in Greenwich Village during a recent installment of the NY Future Mobility Meetup. Here are the five presenting companies,...
#NYCTech - A larger than expected group of game developers came together for the first ever Game Dev Hacker, held in the Microsoft offices in Times Square. While the conference room was much too small for the assembled group, the games...
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Cool Tech - Another delivery drone will hit the skies--this time it’s Deutsche Post DHL’s parcelcopter. It will use a drone to carry medicine to the small...
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Cool Tech - Drones seem to be everywhere these days, and they have become a symbol of American power. Yet how the U.S. stumbled into the drone era remains a...
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Cool Tech - Internet-connected lightbulbs now cost as little as $15.  Geoffrey A. Fowler discovered that using them is seldom as easy as flipping a switch, or using the as-seen-on-TV Clapper.

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