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Cool Tech - An Atlas robot built by Google-owned Boston Dynamics has been programmed to do karate and replace humans in dangerous situations. Video not...
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Cool Tech - Just down the road from Facebook and Google, Dr. Phil Wagner runs a laboratory dedicated to optimizing the performance of some of the world’s top athletes.
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Cool Tech - Stanford researcher Mark Denny used models from the animal world to examine just how much faster we might get in the future. Here, he explains his work.
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Cool Tech - The Indego exoskeleton is a set of motorized robotic leg braces that support and move the legs of people who can’t walk on their own. Parker...
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Cool Tech - Designer Yves Béhar has had a huge impact on modern technology, helping to create the popular Jambox Bluetooth speaker, Ouya mobile gaming system and Jawbone Up fitness band. His latest idea, though, may be the most useful and...
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Cool Tech - A College student in the U.K. has built a prototype for an inexpensive inflatable baby incubator that could be used in developing nations to save...
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Cool Tech - A California startup has designed what's considered to be the first real consumer hoverboard. As AP's Haven Daley reports, the floating board was inspired by the fictional gadget in the film "Back to the Future."
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Cool Tech - Is Nixie, a flying camera-drone, the next big thing in personal cameras? Nixie CEO and founder Christoph Kohstall discusses the drone and what’s next with Sara Murray.
#NYCTech - There are workouts – and then there’s the Fitness Cell Collective, a customized solution designed to transform your body at the optimal pace. Most importantly, classes are kept small (6 people) to tailor each member’s...
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Cool Tech - Check out the Museum of Endangered Sounds - a digital log of the almost forgotten sounds of the past.
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Cool Tech - Ford has tapped Israeli startup Mishor 3D to bring augmented reality navigation systems to its cars. Mishor systems can be expected in Ford’s...
Cool Tech - An estimated 3 trillion dollars worth of private sector business is driven by the weather, and thanks to climate change, the traditional four-season model is not a reliable predictor of sales. The good news is big data can forecast...
20 People in IoT in NYC You Need To Know About fb
#NYCTech - This is New York, where it’s all about connections, and it’s starting to show: New York is becoming a center for connected devices, which has fallen into a category that’s currently being referred to as the Internet of...
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Cool Tech - If you’ve $337,000 to spend on a car, and you’ve been debating between a racecar and a bespoke luxury coupe, save yourself the anguish and get yourself the Bentley Continental GT3-R. Here's an inside look.  We had a good week...
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Cool Tech - The world of 3D virtual reality is now cheaper with Altergaze, a 3D printed headset which connects to smartphones. Jenny Marc tries one on. Video...
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Cool Tech - The Array of Things project in Chicago is installing hundreds of sensors across the city, in hopes of providing a new breed of data-fueled urban planning.

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