We Tried That and It Didnt Work


We tried that and it didnt work

Unfortunately, this is a phrase that has killed many could-be great marketing activities.

It happens with advertising channels:

“We tried PPC, it didn’t work.”

It happens with customer experience channels:

“We tried a mobile app, it didn’t work.”

It happens with social:

“We had a blog, it didn’t work.”

And it happens a lot in A/B testing:

“We tried a security seal. It didn’t work.” (Hint: It matters where your security seal is placed – is it placed in your footer menu or beside the credit card input field where the customer experiences the most anxiety? Or are you such a strong brand that a security seal is unnecessary in the first place?)

What’s worse, some marketers fail to blame their strategies, and instead blame the tools. We tried A/B testing and we didn’t get good results, therefore the testing software doesn’t work!

The danger in reliance on ROI:

We care about return on investment because we think it helps us divert money away from “bad” marketing activities so there’s more for “good.”

If you’re driven by data alone, without investigating why numbers are as less-than-awesome, you risk killing or starving entire channels, campaigns, strategies, tactics that could be resuscitated with optimization efforts.

Are you pulling the trigger too soon?

Reprinted by permission.

Image Credit: CC by David Mulder

About the author: Linda Bustos

As Director of Ecommerce Research at Elastic Path, Linda Bustos works with some of the world’s largest companies to help improve conversion rates and profitability on the Web. In addition to writing the Get Elastic blog since 2007, Linda’s articles have appeared in Mobile Marketer, CMO Magazine, E-Marketing + Commerce, and Search Marketing Standard. She is a frequent speaker at industry events, including XCommerce, Conversion Conference, and Affiliate Management Days.

In 2010, Linda earned a spot on the DMNews Top 30 Direct Marketers Under 30 list. She has served as faculty for the Banff New Media Institute’s Career Accelerator Program and Marketing Profs University, and has appeared as one of the Top 100 Influential Marketers of the year in 2008 and 2009. Prior to joining Elastic Path, Linda worked agency-side, specializing in usability and SEO.

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