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The Most Respected Venture Capitalists

While one entrepreneur might differ from the next, there is one thing they all have in common: the need for capital. With no shortage of Venture Capitalists and Angels, how do you know whether or not you are working with a winner? Over at SeekOmega.com, Mark Fidelman has done the homework for you with this infographic depicting the most beneficial, successful and peer-reviewed VC’s. Using “state of the art sentiment analysis technology from Lithium,” and mining the TheFunded for reviews, he crossed his findings with surveys throughout the social media world to bring you this list of 30 candidates. Topping the list is Brad Feld of Foundry Group in first place, Mark Suster of GRP Partners (now Upfront Ventures) in 2nd, and John Doerr of Kleiner Perkins in 3rd. The list goes on, for your perusal…

most respected vcs

About the author: Justin Danford

Justin Danford is a graduate from St. Josephs College where he both studied and fell in love with the English language. Born in Brooklyn and raised on Long Island, he is a writer at heart and a champion of the power of words to change the world. When he is not immersing himself in technology, music, and literature; you can find him writing at ESEAnews.com.

  • http://www.seekomega.com Mark Fidelman

    An oldy but goody. Someone should update the research.

  • marklanday

    I noticed it is based on sentiment, not rate of return. Also of note, not many Life Sciences focused VCs on the list. Recently, life science focused vc funds have been show strong returns. Personally, I chose my VCs based on making money, not someone with a good PR firm or blogs a lot.

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