The Top 5 Things That Are Missing from the Digital Health

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1. A practical digital health fellowship for providers and post-graduates

Over the past 3 years, I have had coffee with MD’s, MBA’s, MPH’s, Phd’s etc and the one thing that has come up over and over again is that there isn’t a lot of formal opportunities out there. There is no official Clinical Informatics Fellowship across the board until 2018 (4 years away) although there are the 10 x 10′s and the grandfather clause but that and the fellowships that are available (of which there are very few) require deep CS knowledge. That doesn’t leave room for people with advanced degrees who don’t meet that requirement. There are fellowship opportunities that exist for undergrads and those in graduate school but not for post-grads. What I would like to see is a practical digital health fellowship that enables post-residency and post-grads to use their skills and their knowledge and apply them to healthcare (something like an advanced Code for America or Health for America). The current alternatives that exist are to work at a startup, found a startup, go into consulting or to go back to school and obtain more technical skills. This is fine if you can do it, but it doesn’t make sense for a lot of people who already carry the weight of six-figure student debt (and do not wish to incur more) and who have families at home. It also doesn’t make a lot of sense to turn away people from the field who are passionate about it, especially when all of the foundational work is happening in the here and now and we need the best people we can get to solve real and often daunting problems.

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About the author: Dr. Charlene Ngamwajasat

Dr. Charlene Ngamwajasat is the creator and writer of the blog Just Curious. She practices in New York City, specializing in internal medicine. She describes herself as a physician who loves to travel, read and experience new things.

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