The 7 Cardinal Sins of Startup Founders

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Cardinal Sin #1: Delusions of Grandeur

The worst kind of founder is one who thinks they are the second coming of Christ. NO, your company isn’t going to be worth billions. NO, your idea won’t change the world and feed the poor or stop climate change or bring peace to the Middle East or save the fucking whales. NO, your idea isn’t the next “Uber” or “Airbnb” of this or that.

In reality, your idea has as much merit as a Justin Bieber love potion or a testicle scratcher.

Just remember: you and your startup are not hot shit until it’s actually hot shit.

What you should do instead:

Leave your ego at the door and be prepared because I have a ridiculously oversized revolver that I am ready to use. And if you send me a bad pitch, you better hope I use it on myself first before I can use it on you. And if you somehow managed to dupe another VC to invest in you, remind me to shoot them instead.




Image credit: CC by Cyril Rana


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About the author: Jay Deng

Jay Deng is an angel investor and venture capitalist. He invested in two companies whose exits topped $800 million. He is also the CEO and founder of Diva For Less.

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