Mastering the Elevator Pitch 101


Suppose you’ve come up with a great idea. You’ve identified a major problem, ruminated over it for hours and hours, and mapped out what you believe to be the perfect solution.

Then you try to explain your idea to a friend, and you’re so excited and sure about your idea that you are totally dumbfounded when your friend responds, “I don’t get it.”

It can be tricky to verbally explain the brilliance of an idea that you know is brilliant. But if that idea involves a new business or product, you can’t afford to poorly explain your genius.

In this video from Stanford University, Chuck Easley clearly explains how to pitch a brilliant idea. You need to make your audience believe that you understand their problem. You need to prove to them that they need a solution. In particular, you need to prove that they need your solution. Explain the value of your product, and do it with empathy and urgency.

About the author: Kelsey Molseed

Kelsey is a recent graduate of Juniata College, where she earned a degree in history and served as Head News Editor for the The Juniatian student newspaper. She is a freelance editor and blogger who obsesses over grammar the way some people obsess over “Orange is the New Black.”

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