What You Need To Know Before Taking Your Startup Abroad


There’s a lot of fun that can be found in being an entrepreneur, but it’s even more fun you’re successful.

Energy and empathy – meaning, an understanding of the customer – are just two talents companies look for when deciding the possibility of success.

Investing in a startup has changed over the years with the involvement of Wall Street and mainstream companies. The elements of the venture world have become bigger and now encompass much more than the Valley. For early startups, this has proven to be an advantage, since there number of investors has widened.

With a growing global community, this brings to bear the question of how to navigate the international landscape. The lack of knowledge about international markets makes it almost too easy for a startup to fail abroad.

However, there are two keys to success in the international arena: timeliness and innovation.

Being the first to present a new idea could make all the difference. This is done by getting out of the office and telling people about the startup. A unique idea is a diamond in the ruff: hard to find but extremely beautiful when cared for. Coming into an unknown territory with a novel idea that can flourish is essential to for any startup.

“The basic needs for success have not changed,” says Bill Draper who, as the founder of Sutter Hill Ventures, became one of the first West Coast VCs.

Draper added that companies should definitely be thinking internationally and always keep in mind what the market needs.

See the video below for more of Draper’s insights on looking for startup talent and building a successful company.

Image Credit: CC by Andrea Della Adriano

About the author: Stephanie Kariuki

Stephanie Kariuki is a Masters Journalism student at Georgetown University. She admires clever writing skills, unique perspectives and has a thirst for reading as much as possible. Stephanie graduated with Honors from The Ohio State University in 2013 with her B.A. in Journalism and a minor in International Affairs.

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