7 Indisputable Stats in Favor of Mobile Marketing as the New Leader



Most businesses are looking for the ways to reach potential customers. Mobile marketing is one of the most advanced ways to acquire new customers. It has been one of the most advanced innovations till now, and there is no slowing down.

Mobile marketing is the communication with the consumer via cellular devices. This communication can come in the form of simple marketing campaigns, or they can be related to other promotions. Businesses are implementing various mobile marketing strategies for better results.

Mobile marketing is the mobile commerce revolution. It should be unique, similar to the users and it should also personalize in order to engage the users completely.

There are three things that need to be kept in mind while going for mobile marketing.

  • Who are your potential users?
  • What do the users are intend to do?
  • What is your user behavior

There are several advantages to mobile marketing over other types of marketing methods. Every day, new companies are starting to use the vast dimensions of mobile marketing options. Both local and national businesses are using different marketing options, and this is just the beginning. The coming years will see a massive growth in the marketing trends.

There are different ways by which you can get the users engaged.

  • SMS marketing
  • SMS to email
  • Group SMS
  • Mobile e-Commerce
  • Loyalty schemes
  • Reseller solutions

There are a number of reasons to show that mobile marketing is the new leader in today’s mobile world. Here are 7 stats to better understand the importance of this.

  1. Direct & Personal

Mobile marketing offers a direct and a personal path to the users. No matter whether the user is actively using the mobile or not when the message is sent, the marketing messages will reach the mobile phones anytime, even when the user is watching TV or jogging. It will ultimately be message received.

The peak times of mobile usage are also growing. It is better to get an idea about when the users are going to be active. Most of the searches on the mobile phone occur between 8pm and midnight. This is the peak time of the user’s mobile usage. The searches also double during the off/non-work days.

Knowing the peak time of users allows advertisers to set a base for themselves.  This will also allow them to make most of the advertising dollars as well.

  1. Mobile is for everyone

The growth of the mobile usage includes everyone, and every age group. It is not just for kids or teenagers; it is for adults as well. The fastest growing demographic is between the ages 55 to 64. The best way is to tie the marketing strategies to these demographics only.

The emails should be focused on the age groups that are more active and present.

  1. Mobile is the top leader now

Searches on mobile will soon take the place of desktop searches and increase in the coming next few years. Smartphone users will number in the billions globally. 58% of Americans use smartphones, and that number will definitely increase in the near future.

The United Kingdom saw around 90% of mobile subscribers sending messages last year. This number is already increasing with time. Accessing news is the second most popular activity in the UK. Around 35% of the users are accessing news daily on their smartphones.

These numbers directly show that the mobile is really the true leader now, and it takes up most of the user’s time in a day.

  1. Faster conversions on mobiles

The faster conversions occur on the mobile devices. Around 80% of the conversions from the smartphones occur in a five hour time period.

Mobile searching is considered to be the most important usage, because this leads to many other actions, like business promotions, calls to businesses, and the most important action is sales.

  1. Higher exposure

Marketing on mobile leads to the highest exposure rate, as compared to any other means of marketing.

Everyone reads messages on their smartphones and more than 80% of the messages are based on marketing campaigns that are related to a business product.

  1. Mobile apps are growing and mostly preferred

Mobile apps have increased the use of smartphones, as people are more comfortable using the apps and 85% of the users prefer to use the mobile apps rather than the desktop versions.

IOS apps are producing more revenue as compared to Android apps. Facebook is the most downloaded app and currently there are one billion Android app downloads. Google+ and Google Search are the next most used apps. A mobile strategy should be designed based on these statistics, and the strategy needs to be smart enoughto conquer the mobile market.

There are a number of tools available that allows one to customize the advertising on the mobiles. They are customized in order to bring more business to the organization. This allows keeping the business inline and safe.

  1. Cost efficient method of marketing

Mobile marketing is considered as the most cost effective method of marketing nowadays, producing higher rates of returns for the current advertising campaign.

There are no fillers in delivering the text marketing messages, so it is considered the best. In just 160 characters, you can make your users work with you. A single message can deliver quick reasons to have a user consider your product or service. The best part of mobile marketing is that it is short and delivers a direct path. You can deliver what your users want to see and read.

Future trends of Mobile Marketing

Most advertisers will shift to mobile programmatic advertising in order to meet user acquisition and various mobile monetization needs. Advertiser spending will grow significantly in 2015.Advertisers will focus more on the interconnected customer interaction with brands across various devices and channels. B2B marketers will give more focus their mobile strategies, because their potential buyers are shifting from the desktop to the mobile devices. Gone are the days when mobile is seen as an innovation to the web experience.Now there is a more integrated approach towards mobile marketing, and this approach will continue in the year 2015.

Pay-per-call marketing will go mainstream, as most of the advertisers will realize that calling is a great way to create a great user experience.

The benefit of mobile marketing goes far beyond that of social media engagement. There are a number of integrated marketing campaign types to choose from. Email marketing is still the preferable way to reach out to the maximum number of customers. In the United States, more than half of emails are viewed on smartphones.

The marketers and advertisers should make sure that the landing pages of their marketing content should have all the necessary elements. The content should be related to the latest mobile trends. The click-to-call feature and the embedded Google map links should always be there.

Consumer resistance can be a problem for mobile marketers, but figuring out the optimal solution for integrating the latest technology with the consumer willingness and turningthat into a standard just might win the day – and your audience. This will be helpful in the future as well.


Image credit: CC by SocialMediaVIDEOmarketing

About the author: Chirag Leuva

Chirag Leuva is the CEO of Yudiz Solutions, an iPhone game development firm, where he works to bring client ideas to reality. He enjoys pushing the limits of user interaction and finding ways to create awesome reusable components within a mobile environment.

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