The State of Enterprise Software


An infographic from ManageForce promises a more dynamic future from enterprise software.  The big takeaways? First, we should see major growth in social software: according to ManageForce predictions, the compound annual growth rate for enterprise social software applications is projected to be 42.2% between 2011 and 2016.  Second, updating those old software platforms is becoming a much larger focus for CIOs.  While things like mobile tech and cloud computing still rank higher on the list, bringing old systems up to speed is becoming more important for increasingly dynamic business environments.

And finally, workers are taking advantage of mobile CRM capabilities, with 28.5% giving CRM services as their most used type of mobile app. Right behind it comes Accounting/Financial Services and Customer Support.

Check out the full graphic below:


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Legacy modernization now a top 5 concern for modern CIOs.  Tweet this
24% of companies have their finance departments in charge of their big data. Tweet this
Projected CAGR between 2011 and 2016 from enterprise social software applications: 42.2%. Tweet this
Of those using enterprise software, 76% are either “very satisfied” or “somewhat satisfied” with current product.  Tweet this
Enterprise software made up $296.6 billion of 2013 IT expenses.  Tweet this


About the author: James Velasquez

James Velasquez is a writer and journalist working in New York City. He previously worked as a policy researcher in Washington, DC.

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