How Curated E-Commerce Brands Can Flourish


How Curated E-Commerce Brands Can Flourish

The 27th Episode of the Fashion Is Your Business, featured guest Raed Alawadhi. Raed Alawadhi is a cofounder of the new curated e-commerce website Modern Look. The platform debuted a week before Open Source Fashion’s Freestyle Conversions Conference in Miami. This episode has sparked my interest in the Modern Look website. I am also interested in how curated shopping sites operate and thrive.

Curated e-commerce sites are like online shopping boutiques. A boutique shopping experience is successful by driving the consumer value in two important ways. First, they present a collection of products based around an aesthetic, or a design point of view. They also provide an aspect of discovery for the shopper, which introduces them to products for the first time. Examples of curated e-commerce sites include Mr. Porter, Net-a-Porter, and Lyst.

A number of these sites are in existence now. How does a site or a brand differ? That is an issue that Modern Look, is going to have to solve. Raed and his team have a number of great things, going for them.

  1. Their Miami Location: Modern Look is based in Miami’s design district. This is one of the worlds most current, and forward thinking retail communities. I am sure, that this will lend them inspiration and a unique perspective, that other brands might not have. New York City is the fashion capital in the United States. However, Miami is a bridge between North and South American markets. The city is a unique blend of culture and fashion, that has influence from both sides of the equator.
  2. Photography and Storytelling: Their team has created strong visual assets. A customer’s first impression, beyond the quality of the images, is that these products exist in a context. Clothes are being worn and items are being used. Doing this work in house, assures that varied items and brands are posted, with a uniform look and feel.
  3. Raed Alawadhi: He is a trendsetter. This is clear from hearing the story of how Modern Look began. One can get a glimpse of his style, just by seeing the outfit he wore, during the Fashion Is Your Business episode.

These attributes help differentiate Modern Look from its competitors. However, it will not insure success. There are many curated e-commerce sites. It takes hard work to gain visibility, and stay ahead of competition. Platforms must create a strong first impression. They must also provide exceptional customer experience. We are excited to follow the progress of Modern Look.

Reprinted by permission.

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