The 4 Types of Entrepreneurs? Which Type Are You?

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The other day I read an interesting book called “Entrepreneurial DNA” by Joe Abraham, the founder of BOSI Global, an operating partner to venture-backed and owner-operated companies. The book is based on Joe’s study of over 1,000 entrepreneurs.  The research confirmed the discovery that all entrepreneurs are not all “wired” the same way.  The book suggests that entrepreneurs fall into four distinct types of “entrepreneurial DNA’s” that leverage unique strengths, weaknesses and tendencies that are typical in each specific type of entrepreneur.


Image credit: CC by John Goode

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About the author: George Deeb

George Deeb is a managing partner at Red Rocket Ventures, a Chicago-based startup consulting and fundraising firm with expertise in advising Internet-related businesses. More of George’s startup lessons can be read at “101 Startup Lessons — An Entrepreneur’s Handbook.”

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