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On the blog a few weeks ago, we reviewed what a content-only package is good for–and if you missed that post, make sure to give it a read if you still aren’t quite sure about what content marketing even is.

For startups and even established businesses, content marketing is one of the best ways to drive traffic and establish an online persona to reach your desired audience. Social Media Contractors specializes in content writing and brainstorming ways to use more extensive copy and images for you, and it’s one of our favorite ways to market for our clients.

All brands, from manufacturing to technology to recruiting to retail, can take advantage of the opportunity to exercise their creativity in content marketing.

Are there things that the general public doesn’t know about your business? Are you beating your head against a wall trying to spread the message? Does nobody know about your new second location on West 178th Street? These are just examples, but long-form blog posts and content are wonderful ways to market all those little known facts you’ve always worked on.

We do content marketing through professional journalists, a team that spends all day every day writing and understanding businesses just like yours. We want people to actually read and share the posts we write for you, and make sure that content is seen—otherwise, what’s the point? We’ll also create beautiful layouts and pages, and best of all, the content we create is 100% yours. Use it however, wherever, and whenever you want, and we ensure that it will be versatile enough for you to do so.

If you think you want to try your hand at content marketing, we can’t help but recommend you leave it to the professionals. Here are a few ways we help you make the most of your content marketing, and a few tips and tricks for writing blog posts that will garner attention, views, and responses! We love writing fantastic content for our clients, and maximizing the creative aspect of your business for the very most potential possible.

Want to do it on your own? Here’s a few ideas to get you started:

Q + A: We do this for our clients and make sure to interview your staff and clients for testimonials and advice. You want to be known as the expert in your field, and what better way to do so than by giving advice?

Profiles: Readers love store profiles, employee profiles, just about anything that’s a quick read and great overview. Sometimes the most in-depth technical information isn’t what it takes to catch a reader’s eye, and that’s okay! Always link to somewhere to find more information and more.

Images, Images, Images: You can’t go wrong with images of your business and store, a step-by-step process, or infographics that are quick and informative with more copy where needed. It doesn’t need to be too detailed, but as long as it’s interesting and engaging, you’re good to go.

Final tips: always proofread, find something relevant to your expected audience, and think about what you and your readers would want to share. Enjoy your content, and your readers will too.

Reprinted with permission

Image Credit: CC by National Milk Producers Federation

About the author: Maggie Happe

Maggie Happe is a recent graduate of Creighton University and a contributor to Social Media Contractors.

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